It's what we achieve together.

We compliment each other’s work

We link user experience, leading edge web design and digital marketing, with the latest web development and search engine optimisation practices. By thinking creatively we don’t follow a philosophy of ticking boxes and we get results that generate healthy returns on your investment.

We’re in the heart of Brighton, the ever-growing centre for UK digital business, just fifty minutes from London. It’s strategic, so that we get access to the most inventive and creative talent.

We work together over two floors in our inspirational studios, located in a creative and exciting area, which can take you out of your usual environment and get you thinking differently.

We work with all kinds of people, from international banks to ambitious local businesses, iconic brands to Michelin star restaurants and construction firms to growing retail outlets. We want to work with clients with real creative and digital ambition. Each project we undertake represents a stepping stone in our development, so we push boundaries and create results that benefit us all.

When we say we work with you, we really do. With your collaboration, we like to get to know and help out within your business, to understand your culture, what you do and how you do it. Then we ignite relevant ideas that we can make reality.

We have a friendly approach, we listen, watch and work with you to get the right results.  We see the success of the work with you as the next stage in the development of our own growing agency, Neptik.

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