7 Office Ideas for a Creative Mind

30th Jan 2017 / By Adriana Scala

How’re your New Year’s resolutions going?

Remember those? At the start of each new year there’s always a lot of emphasis put on improving the day to day things that we may have neglected over the past year. We often make resolutions about improving our fitness, eating healthier food or reading more books, but maybe we should be thinking about things more ‘inside the box’. We spend the majority of our lives at our desks, and it’s easy to forget about how important your physical space is and how it can affect your productivity, health, relationships, and career satisfaction.

Brighton is a hub for creative businesses, digital agencies, and designers, each with their own individual personalities and quirks. These are our top tips for our creative space, that is Neptik.

1. Tidy workspace = tidy mind

Have you still got last year’s post-its and loyalty cards to those coffee-shops-you’re-never-going-to-go-to-again stuffed in your drawers? Have a clear out. Make way for new notes and inspiration and reduce the risk of distraction.

2. Blackboards/ideas space

Give your team a communal creative space to draw up ideas, doodles, notes, reminders and office shopping lists.

3. Ideas box

Whether this is a physical box, an email, or a Dropbox, give your office an opportunity to recommend ideas and share their voice. Open the box/emails at the end of the month in a meeting to see if others agree and explore how they could be adopted.

4. Weekly show and tells

We find our weekly show and tell meetings useful as they allow us to share what we’ve been working on and our progress, gain an outsider’s perspective and a fresh pair of eyes that means we can re-approach it differently the next time we come to work on it. Its a chance to catch up on the wellbeing of the office, whether anything needs addressing, and chat over a beer (cheers Bison!)

5. Colourful artwork/minimalism

We’ve been lucky enough to have our office walls jazzed up with the artwork of graffiti artist Aroe and so have the pleasure of working in a colourful and vibrant office. Whether it’s a few paintings on the wall, lighting, or blackboard artwork, bring some colour to your workspace.

6. Fun office gadgets

When you feel like you’re starting to go cross-eyed, we think its important to be able to take a few minutes break and focus your mind on something else. Maybe invest in fussball table, board games, fun photo lenses or word fridge magnets.

7. Fresh air + office plants

Don’t forget to get fresh air. Open a window or go for a quick walk around the block to refresh your mind and stretch your legs. We also think office plants are a great way of making your workspace look cleaner, more homely, and fresher.

However you make your workspace work for you, we hope you’re having a productive and creative 2017!

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