G2 Legal

One of the UK's leading legal recruitment agencies.

The Client

G2 Legal are a leading UK independent recruitment agency matching law professionals to a wide range of legal vacancies. They have offices throughout major cities in the UK, the Middle East and Australia.

As a person-orientated recruitment brand, G2 Legal puts emphasis on their highly personalised approach to the individual needs of the legal professionals and organisations it supports around the world. They offer services which support a diverse range of candidates in their careers and beyond, as well as employers seeking high quality applicants.

The Brief

In order to reinforce their international brand reputation, G2 Legal sought a bespoke website design, digital branding and logo design which made clear the global scale of their recruitment services. The new site would also have to be fully compatible with all existing API’s which G2 had used for many years.

The brief for this project changed frequently and went through multiple phases as we were delivering the work. We had to think on our feet with requests for new functionality and design aspects constantly being added to an evolving brief. Our flexible and experienced development team was able to take these updates and find ways to incorporate them effectively as the project progressed.

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User Experience

For a site which would be used in equal measure by both first-time job hunters and frequent recruiters, it was important that the user experience design account for this variety with an accessible approach. We looked at competitors for inspiration, researching how online job boards are able to provide a more universal user experience; this would be perfect for company with international operations.

We took this research and built detailed wireframes which represented the average user journey, accounting for the different audiences who would visit the site. Our resulting sitemap gave us a clear picture of the UX that would shape our later web design work.


We wanted to ensure the branding for G2 Legal accurately captured their international credentials. We started by developing the existing logo into something more modern; we were careful not to stray too far from the existing logo design, which was clean and professional. Alongside this, we developed new branding guidelines which would keep the rest of the website in-line with the new logo design and brand message.


From this, we also created a striking homepage illustration which displayed famous architectural landmarks within the legal district of every city G2 Legal has offices. This added a personal and unique design aesthetic to the site, whilst also serving as a fun way to highlight G2’s multinational credentials.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 17.06.44

Website Design

With our branding and user experience design established, we moved onto the website design. The existing site was difficult to navigate with too many users pathways and calls-to-action and poor quality stock photography. This did not adequately convey the brand or status of G2. We know from experience that recruitment web design needs to look trustworthy and authoritative, otherwise users are put off instantly.

We worked hard to overhaul the existing website design by focusing on a simple, functional bespoke template, purposefully moving away from the overbearing design and navigational issues of the previous site. Our biggest challenge was maintaining a high volume of calls-to-action and integration buttons at the client’s request, however we managed to keep the simplicity of the site whilst also offering a wealth of easy navigational options and user pathways. As a Neptik standard, the site was built fully responsive across all devices including mobile and tablet.

Website Development

The functions of the website were the most important overhaul of G2’s online presence. We worked closely with their dedicated web developer to connect their new site with an existing intranet system. This would allow G2 to build and manage a fully functional jobs board, including the ability to upload vacancies (via Idibu ad posting integration), set featured or sponsored ads, feature offices and consultants, post news and add testimonials.

A series of automated redirections we added to the site also allowed for geographically specific listings targeted at the most relevant users, regardless of whether they had visited the site previously. This included an Australian version of the site with local and international job listings. Once a user is registered, we ensured the site allowed them to engage right away.

For businesses, we knew the ability to register a vacancy as quickly as possible would make the site popular with employers. For candidates, the ability to target highly relevant jobs based on specific areas of law, job position, location and experience, then apply easily and register for regular job alerts would make the G2 jobs board very competitive. To top this off, we built in a ‘refer a friend’ scheme, in which users could gain commission for anyone who is successfully placed in a job upon their recommendation.

When a user registers interest in a role, they are given three options for application. They can apply directly through the site, send an email, or apply via their LinkedIn profile; we integrated G2’s website with a custom LinkedIn API to make this possible. We also included a function which allows candidates to upload a CV directly from Dropbox, essentially to improve the user experience when using a mobile, or tablet.