The original worldwide kite-surfing magazine since 2002.

The client

Kiteworld came to us with a website wish list they had been building for a long time. It was to coincide with the launch of their new publication ‘The Travel Guide’, and their media coverage of the 2015 Redbull ‘King of the Air’ competition in Cape Town.

The Brief

Kiteworld already managed their existing CMS internally. After feeding content into their current website for several years, the site was in desperate need of a re-organisation and refreshment of their vast quantities of information into an attractive and easy to use format, especially with regards to their World Travel Guide and equipment review sections. The golden rule was that it had to be attractive, the information had to be easily accessible, and offer a functional and much easier user experience design overall.

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Website Development

We built bespoke plugins, integrated travel and weather data, as well as visualisations for kite surfing locations around the world. A subscription trail purchasing system, video hosting and interface, gear reviews, cross-site search capabilities (based on locations and ability), and an integrated advertising system were just some of the pieces required to build the back-end.

Website Design

For us to capture the viewer’s’ attention and to showcase the new site’s features, pages and content; there was only one option; all fully bespoke and customised responsive website theme unique to Kiteworld, with imagery manipulation for perfect visuals. This was complemented with fresh, original iconography design and code that would allow Kiteworld to update the theme from the Content Management System. This would ensure the website could maintain, evolve and coincide with the design and style of each magazine release.


“We approached Neptik to move our website to a custom WordPress site, built around our very specific aims and objectives. The challenge we had was that we’d been feeding our old site with good content for almost ten years, and in the end the content was getting lost in a very dated design.”

“The challenge for Neptik was to help us move a substantial amount of information from the old site into a newer, fresher, more current site that was much easier for the reader to navigate and find their way to content that was relevant to them, including our highlight topics which are travel, equipment and news. One of the key changes was to design and develop custom search engines within the equipment and travel sections of the site.”

“Added into that are various video sections, more specifically video news, equipment videos, action videos but also our own Kite Show video section that needed to embed a custom Brightcove Player that displays all our client’s adverts.”

“We have been working with Neptik for nearly three years and during this time they have provided Kiteworld with a market-leading website as well as excellent on-going support.”

“We can confidently recommend Neptik Ltd as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.”

Jim & Danielle Gaunt

Kiteworld Founders | Directors