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Your dedicated lead generation partner.

Neptik is a highly effective, cost efficient, sales-focussed, digital lead generation specialist agency – 100% based in the UK. Using our experience, resource, technology and enthusiasm we will identify potential new clients and generate qualified email leads for your business. Working with us will fuel your pipeline, deliver sustainable growth and make your life a lot easier.

Ben Lambert - Neptik's Managing Director

Lead Generation

We approach sales lead generation with a blend of highly experienced sales people, data analysts, creative marketeers and the latest technology. We do not buy email databases, we develop our own tailored, current, qualified engagement lists for every single campaign. Working with us reduces your costs, and takes the hassle out of prospecting, so you and your sales team can focus on closing deals and developing new relationships – rather than starting them.

Building prospect data 

Even for the best lead generation companies, buying email databases and compiling prospecting lists can come with its own challenges and pitfalls. Our research has shown that up to 40% of data can be inaccurate and out of date, costing you time and resources to qualify, and leaving you with less people to contact than you had anticipated. One of our business development services is building B2B prospect databases, that are individually crafted according to each customer request, using a selection of tools and sources. When you purchase data from neptik it will be developed to order, current, valid and specific to your needs.

Content Creation

When copywriting for businesses, we ensure there is parity in tone and messaging across all channels, keeping everything direct, comprehensible, and on brand. As well as creating personalised email content designed to capture and engage prospective clients when generating sales leads, we also write content for other marketing channels, such as: campaign landing pages, blogs, case studies, and proposition decks. This allows us to give the campaigns we work on together more substance, whilst also supporting other areas of your sales and marketing strategy.

Event Organising

In our experience as a leading b2b lead generation agency, one of the best ways to engage a new prospect is to invite them to attend, or participate in an exclusive industry event, around a theme that’s important to them. This could be a short conference, a panel event, or maybe a smaller round table gathering – all of these can function as lead generation events. It could be that you decide to take this approach as a part of your outgoing lead generation campaign, or wish to host one to develop more business with your existing clients. Should that be the case and you do not have the internal resource to organise and manage the event, then we are able to help; be it a physical or remote occasion.

Appointment Setting

We understand that our clients are time pressured, so we have a team of UK based sales people ready to manage the next step following your campaign/s. Our appointment setting service is fully managed, competitively priced and comes with flexible terms.  We will provide real-time updates on all appointments, manage your diaries and provide relevant notes from potential clients, so you have clear briefs for your meetings.

Businesses we've helped include