2022 Lead Generation blog Round-up

by | 28th January 2022

First off, as we come to the end of January, we hope you’ve kicked off 2022 on a positive note, and that you’re eager and ready to push forward into the year ahead!

I’m going to fess up, we’ve been a little slack on the blog front over the last six months. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to put pen to paper. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. There’s a few reasons we’ve not been posting. One is down to time, and focusing our writing attentions on clients’ work. But, I know there’s only so long in this day and age that you can hold off. Or before you know it, cobwebs start building up and it looks like you’re not open – and we certainly are 🙂 

So with the New Year now in full swing, I thought to myself – what’s the best way to commit to writing some interesting and useful blogs about sales and prospecting? The answer I came up with – publish what you’re going to write about. Yes. Quite simply, tell YOU what the forthcoming blogs will be about before they’ve been written. And, put it out there that I’d love to hear what sales topics you want to know more about. 

Anyway, with that promise put on the table, and before I lavish you with the topics I’m going to write about, I was thinking – this is a pretty good opportunity to give you an update on what’s been happening at Neptik. Where to start?

Well. Whilst for the last 20 odd months we’ve all been marinating in a pandemic, at Neptik we’ve managed to shake off the media’s secret sauce of fear and doom, and cracked on at a steaming pace growing our’s and our clients’ pipelines. Right now, compared with this time last year, our clientbase has increased 10 fold. Plus, we already have new businesses scheduled to start working with us up until April – get in!

The real deal for us though, is achieving results for our clients – that’s what gets us up in the morning. The Neptik prospecting model is something that’s been developed, tested and refined for some time now, and what we do for our clients gives us such a buzz – you should see our reactions in the office when our clients’ leads come through! 

Anyhow, just to give you a little flavour, I’m delighted to say we’re now working with B2B businesses across a spectrum of sectors, including: accountancy, AI, construction, consulting, design/development, environmental and social governance, financial services, food production, manufacturing, recruitment, research, software, training, waste/recycling, and wholesale. 

That’s a bit of a mix, I hear you say. Yes, absolutely it is. But the beauty of what we do is that we reach out as you. Then, when the replies come in, we move the conversation over for you to continue – as if you’d reached out from the start. This means any questions that need your expertise, always get answered by you. Just without all the legwork of identifying, validating, emailing and following up leaning on your shoulders.

As for us here. 2021 saw the Neptik team grow, and we remain in recruitment mode now. We launched a new brand and website, and next month we’re moving into a bigger office. On top of that, we have some exciting ‘under-the-bonnet’ stuff happening that should see our new client access portal getting launched around June 22. 

Pandemic, or not. In all honesty, we couldn’t have asked for a better 2021. We’re extremely grateful to all the clients that have and continue to put their faith in us, especially through such an unpredictable period.

So there it is, a positive little roundup and a taste of things to come. And, on that note, I’d like to unveil what we’ll be posting about in the coming months. Each of these will hopefully address a topic you might be interested in:

  • Got a lead – what next? How to progress and nurture a potential client into a sale and ongoing relationship.
  • Got a lead, what next? – Neptik’s recommended B2B sales processes.
  • CRM comparison – what’s on the market, and what might work best for you and your team.
  • The value of a proposition deck and what to include – follow-up your calls and meetings with extra impact.
  • Sometimes it’s not meant to be [effort outweighs reward] – why having a great relationship with your clients is key.
  • The value of a referral programme.
  • Why GDPR compliance is key when prospecting.

I do hope they’ll be something in there you might find useful. That said, if you’ve got anything else you’d like us to add to the list – I’m all ears, so feel free to give me a shout – ben@neptik.com