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We’re dedicated  to helping your business grow.

We work closely with our clients to understand what they do, where they are, their competitive landscape and customer motivations. Then, by fusing our expertise and experience in B2B lead generation, sales, marketing and the latest technology we ignite and supercharge sales pipelines. Offering optional associated services, such as copywriting, event organising and appointment setting, we are able to accelerate your route to market, get you talking to the right people, and deliver sustainable growth.


Neptik was set up in 2014 by Ben Lambert, who is always personally invested and commercially focused on the success of our customers’ businesses.

When it comes to growing your pipeline, you’re in safe hands. Ben’s dedicated his professional career to B2B sales and marketing. Kicking off at Amex in 2001, he completed their fast-track management programme. This was followed by him co-founding Networks Centre which grew from nothing to £12m PA in just 7 years, before he sold his stake via an MBO.

At neptik, we’ve built the processes and procedures we use to expand our customers’ pipelines around proven strategies that we know work – and they really do!

Ben Lambert - Neptik's Managing Director

Why neptik?

We take a hands-on approach that’s energised, research driven and truly delivers. We are not your typical sales lead generation company that box-shifts services. We’ll work with you and your company as a partner, and we’re in it for the long haul.

Our consistent approach to understanding client challenges, actively helping them exceed sales targets, and developing their market presence makes us as an asset for businesses that really want to grow.


Brands we've helped include