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Our email lead generation campaigns will produce an abundance of leads for your business. Ideally, they need to be replied to quickly, so follow-up calls/actions can be arranged. That’s the aim of the game, right? This is why we also offer the added option of a separate lead generation response and appointment setting services.

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Responding to leads

If you haven’t the time, or internal resources to swiftly reply to the responses we generate from our lead generation campaigns, we can do it for you – as if we were you.

When we start working with your business, we first understand your brand, products and services. Then, we’re set up to professionally act on your behalf – ensuring we honour and convey your brand, tone and values every step of the way.

Lead briefs

Each time we generate a lead that requires us to communicate via email on your behalf (as you), we’ll record relevant information. You’ll have access to the emails, and full transparency of the conversation, ensuring you have all the information you’ll need to successfully progress the lead thereafter.

Arranging your appointments

When it comes to how we book your lead follow-up appointments, we’re flexible.

You may wish to provide us access to your calendar, where we can propose and populate the meeting directly into your diary. Or, you might want to simply provide us with specific time slots that you will be available.

Either way, we then use Calendly technology to manage the appointments. You’ll receive email confirmations each time an appointment is set, supplied with the lead brief to support you in your meeting.

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    Generating leads is what we do. As such, we understand you may also want support in other areas to maximise the impact of your sales and marketing operations.

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