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Would you start a race, wondering where your running shoes are?

20th Nov 2020 / By Ben Lambert

On you marks, get set, go… er no. Stop. Actually let’s all sit down for a while. Oh, hang on, we’ve decided to change this from a 100m sprint to a hopping steeplechase. Oh, that track is shut… cuppa tea anyone? Now, this might sound like a Monty Python sketch, but over the last few…

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Keeping it simple

23rd Oct 2020 / lead generation / By Ben Lambert

Keeping it Simple. First up, apologies for the nautical references in this blog, but a) it brings this issue to life, and b) our office overlooks a harbour. There’s an old saying ‘A rising tide lifts all ships’. So when things are going well, we all do OK. Maybe some of our systems aren’t the…

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Dealing with GDPR

25th Sep 2020 / By Ben Lambert

Dealing with GDPR.   As with a lot of legislation, GDPR can seem like a labyrinth of complexity, and, Neptik, as a lead generation, email marketing and data processing service provider, has gone to great lengths to ensure that we’re set up to deal with any and all GDPR issues and that both we and…

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Our New Location

15th Mar 2020 / By Ben Lambert

We’re delighted to announce the opening of our new office location in Brighton & Hove, UK.  Ben Lambert (Neptik’s MD) said: Our new office offers us more flexibility in terms of desk space, workshop facilities and parking. With our lead generation campaigns being research driven, it was important for us to be able to create…

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Listening with Prejudice

10th Dec 2019 / By Chris Jones

Listening with Prejudice. One of the things I’m always banging on about is the importance of listening, but it’s not just the act of listening that matters, it’s the kind of listening you do. Put simply, there are two ways to listen. You can listen to learn or you can listen to respond. Response listening…

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SEO Basics: Why Is It Important?

16th Oct 2019 / By Ben Lambert

How SEO works? Google are pretty secret. They’ll never fully reveal how their algorithms work. They do publish updates, notes and warnings but won’t disclose the specifics. Luckily, you don’t have to do the trial and error; there’s superfluous amounts of information out there about best practice but at the heart of it, it comes…

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Influencer Marketing and Blogger Outreach for Brands

9th Jun 2019 / By Ben Lambert

People are searching for more on-demand entertainment. We’re time-restricted and want to be digitally entertained when we want, where we want.   Whether this is reading articles, or watching videos, we have an incredible range of topics and answered questions at our fingertips. With YouTube being the second most popular search engine next to Google,…

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neptik re-paint by Aroe

27th Jan 2019 / By Ben Lambert

When neptik launched  in 2014, the offices was in need of some serious TLC. Local internationally acclaimed graffiti artist Aroe gave our interior and outside walls a generous lashing of colour and style. Four years on, as we’re progressing, we’ve taken over the upstairs floor of our building to make way for ‘neptik expansion’. Naturally,…

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How User-Generated Services are Affecting Branding

22nd Oct 2017 / By Ben Lambert

Many of the world’s most successful brands don’t produce their own content.   It takes a few moments to get your head around, however this notion really says something. Take eight year old Airbnb, the well-known and much-loved homestay marketplace, and Uber, the online American-grown hail-a-cab company – neither of these multi-million dollar businesses are actually…

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