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Listening with Prejudice

5th Dec 2017 / By Chris Jones

One of the things I’m always banging on about is the importance of listening, but it’s not just the act of listening that matters, it’s the kind of listening you do. Put simply, there are two ways to listen. You can listen to learn or you can listen to respond. Response listening is very selective….

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BIMA Digital Day 2017

16th Nov 2017 / By Amy Fitter

For the past 5 years, BIMA has been hosting Digital Day, an opportunity for digital professionals to team up with secondary school students to inspire and tell them more about different careers within the digital world. The aim of the day was for the students, split into teams, to undertake one of the 3 challenges…

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React Router Workshop

15th Sep 2017 / By Joe

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up bright and early on my way to the Twitter UK building in London, where I’ll be joining Codebar’s uncodebar 3 to lead a 45 minute workshop on React Router. We’ll start by discussing the broader concerns about Single Page Applications – when are they a good solution and when should…

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photograph of google building with the most recent google logo on the glass

What is AMP? Or, the Google future of the web

5th Sep 2017 / By Michael Gunner

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, are Google’s attempt, at least on the surface, at bringing a faster and more fluid web experience to those browsing via mobile. It’s no secret or surprise that page speed on mobile continues to be a problem for web developers. But, dig a little deeper (although not much) and it…

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photo of computer code on a laptop

Using service workers to better handle going offline

1st Sep 2017 / By Michael Gunner

What is a service worker? It’s not someone who works on services, although I’m sure you probably already had that figured out 👀. Here’s a handy explanation of a service worker written by Matt Gaunt, Developer Programs Engineer at Google: “A service worker is a script that your browser runs in the background, separate from…

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a graphic representing patterns

Applying a new pattern library to legacy code

31st Aug 2017 / By Michael Gunner

Pattern libraries, or component libraries, or “front end style guides”, are all the rage. And rightly so – it’s high time we moved on from treating web projects as a bunch of cobbled together “pages”. The trouble with that approach is its lack of flexibility, the design and build cannot be used for anything else….

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Influencer Marketing and Blogger Outreach for Brands

9th Mar 2017 / By Jack Dunne

People are searching for more on-demand entertainment. We’re time-restricted and want to be digitally entertained when we want, where we want.   Whether this is reading articles, or watching videos, we have an incredible range of topics and answered questions at our fingertips. With YouTube being the second most popular search engine next to Google,…

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