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Our new location

8th Aug 2018 / By Amy Fitter

We’re delighted to announce the opening of our new office location in Brighton & Hove. Our new location boasting a less than 1 hour journey from Central London.   Ben Lambert (Neptik MD) said: Our new space offers us more flexibility in terms of desk space and workshop facilities. With our work being research driven…

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Applying a new pattern library to legacy code

8th Mar 2018 / By Neptik

Pattern libraries, or component libraries, or “front end style guides”, are all the rage. And rightly so – it’s high time we moved on from treating web projects as a bunch of cobbled together “pages”. The trouble with that approach is its lack of flexibility, the design and build cannot be used for anything else….

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BIMA Digital Day 2017

15th Nov 2017 / By Amy Fitter

For the past 5 years, BIMA has been hosting Digital Day, an opportunity for digital professionals to team up with secondary school students to inspire and tell them more about different careers within the digital world. The aim of the day was for the students, split into teams, to undertake one of the 3 challenges…

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Using service workers to better handle going offline

11th Sep 2017 / By Neptik

What is a service worker? It’s not someone who works on services, although I’m sure you probably already had that figured out 👀. Here’s a handy explanation of a service worker written by Matt Gaunt, Developer Programs Engineer at Google: “A service worker is a script that your browser runs in the background, separate from…

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SEO Basics: Why Is It Important?

24th Apr 2017 / By Ben Lambert

What is SEO? For the real beginners, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s essentially our way of telling search engines, like Google, exactly what our website and pages are about, and why it may be a perfect match for a searcher’s query. Google are pretty shady. They’ll never fully reveal how their algorithms work….

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Influencer Marketing and Blogger Outreach for Brands

9th Mar 2017 / By Ben Lambert

People are searching for more on-demand entertainment. We’re time-restricted and want to be digitally entertained when we want, where we want.   Whether this is reading articles, or watching videos, we have an incredible range of topics and answered questions at our fingertips. With YouTube being the second most popular search engine next to Google,…

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Responsive websites: Key considerations

1st Dec 2016 / By Ben Lambert

As a web design agency, we know the growing demand and importance of responsive, mobile friendly sites. Mobile conversions are growing at a staggering rate, and so it is essential that all our sites thrive on touch-devices. Earlier in the month we spread the word about our curiosity in this topic. We wanted to hear from our…

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How User-Generated Services are Affecting Branding

22nd Nov 2016 / By Ben Lambert

Many of the world’s most successful brands don’t produce their own content.   It takes a few moments to get your head around, however this notion really says something. Take eight year old Airbnb, the well-known and much-loved homestay marketplace, and Uber, the online American-grown hail-a-cab company – neither of these multi-million dollar businesses are actually…

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How to use Browserstack to get your projects rocking across devices

9th Nov 2016 / By Neptik

When we develop sites, ensuring they work for everyone is critically important. We can’t develop websites that only work on Google Chrome because that means everybody else won’t be able to access the information, and in turn, this would damage the business of the company whose website it is. So, we need to test our…

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