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Responsive websites: Key considerations

1st Dec 2016 / By Jack Dunne

As a web design agency, we know the growing demand and importance of responsive, mobile friendly sites. Mobile conversions are growing at a staggering rate, and so it is essential that all our sites thrive on touch-devices. Earlier in the month we spread the word about our curiosity in this topic. We wanted to hear from our…

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How User-Generated Services are Affecting Branding

22nd Nov 2016 / By Jack Dunne

Many of the world’s most successful brands don’t produce their own content.   It takes a few moments to get your head around, however this notion really says something. Take eight year old Airbnb, the well-known and much-loved homestay marketplace, and Uber, the online American-grown hail-a-cab company – neither of these multi-million dollar businesses are actually…

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How to use Browserstack to get your projects rocking across devices

9th Nov 2016 / By Michael Gunner

When we develop sites, ensuring they work for everyone is critically important. We can’t develop websites that only work on Google Chrome because that means everybody else won’t be able to access the information, and in turn, this would damage the business of the company whose website it is.   So, we need to test…

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Calling all Designers and Developers! We Want to Hear Your Thoughts…

8th Nov 2016 / By Jack Dunne

Mobile and touch devices are constantly changing the way we design and develop websites. We want to know: what are your key, most important factors to consider when designing or developing web for the mobile and touch device audience and why? At the end of the month, we’re going to compile a few of your…

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Neptik Re-Paint by Aroe

27th Oct 2016 / By Jack Dunne

When Neptik launched  as a full service web design and branding agency, the new studio was in need of some serious TLC. Local internationally acclaimed graffiti artist Aroe gave our interior and outside walls a generous lashing of colour and style. Two years on, as we’re progressing, we’ve taken over the upstairs floor of our building to make way for ‘Neptik…

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Neptik and Brighton Digital Media Academy

17th Oct 2016 / By Jack Dunne

Brighton Digital Media Academy (BDMA) started in 2015 and provides local 14-19 year old students with the education and preparation for a career in digital media.   Pairing up with other local industry businesses such as Latest TV, Brighton Fringe, and Duke of York’s Picturehouse, the students are provided with an exciting and hands-on curriculum…

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A Better UX Across Devices – using srcset for beautiful design

23rd Sep 2016 / By Michael Gunner

Developing a site recently for the wonderful folks over at The Ram Inn at Firle, near Lewes, East Sussex raised some interesting technical dilemmas that needed solving. The most pressing was images. This beautiful Inn had invested significantly not just in the stunning decor of their rooms but the photography to show it off. A…

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