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The Beginner’s World of WordPress

22nd Aug 2016 / By Jack Dunne

Welcome to the team. It’s four days since I officially started working for Neptik. I’ve just graduated and despite my Media and Communications degree, have never really had experience working with a CMS. When I was introduced to our admin page in WordPress, it seemed to be a process that was managed completely by the developers, but…

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Financing Growth in a Digital Agency

17th Aug 2016 / By Ben Lambert

Whilst working in marketing for over 15 years I’ve not always been in an agency. Prior to Neptik I worked in the distribution industry, marketing and selling data-com products. Both very different industries and both very differently served by the financial services sector, I can tell you. Different how? Where there’s a product to be…

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Neptik’s new Head of Development, Michael Gunner

9th Aug 2016 / By Ben Lambert

Neptik are proud to present Michael Gunner as our new Head of Development. With years of experience in developing and design work for the creative industry, Michael’s technical know-how and specialisation in WordPress and static sites means he is a perfect fit for Neptik as a web agency. Creative Director, Luke Greenaway said:  “We can’t wait…

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