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Prospecting Data Lists

Building | Prospecting data lists.

At neptik we create qualified prospecting data lists for B2B businesses. Using a range of digital tools and data sources, we search and select the right people for your business development team to contact. Each database is hand crafted at the time your request it, to ensure the data is current, valid and specific to your requirements.

Charge up your sales team

At our core, we pride ourselves on delivering to our customers a highly effective, proven lead generation service, whereby we take the hassle out of prospecting and fuel your sales team with new leads to follow up. At the same time, we understand that sometimes businesses are simply looking for prospecting data lists to utilise within their existing outbound sales and marketing operations. For that reason, we are delighted to support many businesses by developing qualified B2B prospecting lists tailored specifically to different individual requirements.

Tailored prospect identification

Finding the right decision makers to sell your products and services too can be tough. There are an abundance of options when it comes to buying prospecting data lists, but more often than not you’ll find that purchased prospecting lists don’t give you what you really want. At best they tend to be industry, or geographically specific. And, even if you mange to nail that, you’ll then probably find that a lot of the data you’ve bought is indeed out-of-date, which can be for a number of reasons, such as people change jobs. At neptik, we do not store data that’s repackaged and resold. We develop every list upon demand, using a range of platforms, tools and expertise to identify the right-party-contacts for your business to prospect.

High quality data

When it comes to delivering an expansive search range criteria, we’ve got it covered. Before we generate prospecting data lists, we carefully research a vast selection of sources to find the right prospective clients for your business. The categories we cover when identifying your new potential customers includes, but is not limited to: industry, position, seniority, interests, function, geography, company, keywords, relationships, and social media.

Here when you need us

Our prospecting data service is flexible. With no minimal list requirements, we can provide prospecting data lists at the right size and cost for your business. Furthermore, if you have a database that might have been neglected, we have the tools and expertise to re-qualify it for you and hand it back.

Businesses we've helped include