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Content strategy and copywriting

Content strategy & copywriting  | for B2B businesses.

As well as producing compelling email content for our customers lead generation campaigns, we also provide a B2B content strategy and copywriting service for a range of other mediums such as: blogs, presentations, case studies and website landing pages separately. This makes your outbound campaigns more powerful, and supports other areas of your sales and marketing operations.

Content for marketing 

Our first-hand knowledge of delivering great written content allows us to boost lead generation campaigns; but it’s not just about what’s written in the emails. That’s the gateway-content that captures a prospect’s attention, creates intrigue and absolutely YES, it does generate leads. However, it’s also the start of a customer’s journey in dealing with your business, so it’s important that their interaction touch-points thereafter convey a similar message, deliver continuity, and get them wanting to work with you.

Campaign landing pages

When we’re running your outbound lead generation campaign we’ll include a link to a specific location on your business’s website. More often that not marketeers will go for the easy option and direct that link to a business’s website home page. But let’s not forget that the purpose of running a campaign is to convert prospects into leads.

Typically, when someone clicks on that link, we have 20-30 seconds to capture their attention, so we need to ask ourselves – will simply directing a prospect to your homepage convey the right message and call-to-action that’ll convert them into a lead?

At neptik, we see a landing page as an extension of our pitch, not a brochure. So, we recommend having a defined content strategy for a landing page that lures our target audience into taking action. We can produce this independently as a part of your campaign, or we can work in partnership with your team. Whatever the case, in our experience it’s not worth taking shortcuts, or the easy option if you want to really want to grow your pipeline.


Blogs, posts, news – call them what you wish. Essentially it’s storytelling, so it needs a start, a middle and an ending. At neptik we see that as: capture, engross and convert. But, what’s really important is whether your blogs are broadcasting, or engaging? It’s easy to spout out a load of information with the assumption it’s of interest to your target audience, throwing in keywords and ticking boxes as you go. The reality is however, producing quality blogs and using them to attract prospects, generate leads and retain existing customers is an art form. It requires a strategic approach that’s research driven. When you work with neptik as your blog producer, not only will we attract new customers and retain existing ones, we’ll also put your business and employees on a pedestal – As leaders within your industry.

Case studies

Your experience will speak for itself when you’re targeting a prospective client, or delivering a pitch. It shows them you know what you’re doing, that you are an expert in your field, and that your business has the credentials to successfully deliver what you’re promoting. Talk alone can sound cheap when you’re trying to convince a prospective client you’re the right business for the job. Demonstrating you’re experience and what you have already achieved can speak louder than any words. Whether you decide to publish case studies on your website, or wish to keep them offline for those pitches when you think you’ll need them, we at neptik are here to help.

Presentation decks

Whether you’re proposing, updating or conveying information, one of the most effective ways of doing so is deliver, or cascade a presentation deck. It could be a company overview, a proposal, or a meeting with your team, partners or suppliers. Whatever the eventuality, you want it to look great, be easy to understand and answer the questions the audience have before they get asked. It needs to hook them, make sense and lead them into agreement. At neptik, we have the expertise and experience to create breathtaking deck templates, and exceptional presentation content. We can do this as apart of an ongoing campaign so you have the tools to progress new opportunities, or as an additional separate service for any area of your business.

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