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Appointment setting

Appointment Setting | We’re here to help.

When we launch and deliver a B2B lead generation campaign, we generate a healthy response from the people we contact. These need to be replied to promptly, and follow-up appointments arranged. That’s the aim of the game, right? This is why we offer the option of a separate lead generation response and appointment setting service.

Responding to emails

If you haven’t the time, or internal resource to swiftly reply to our lead generation campaign responses, we can do it for you. With all our outbound campaigns, when we start working with your business we first deconstructing and understand you’re brand, products and services, so that we’re set up to professionally do this – ensuring we honour and convey your brand, tone and values every step of the way.


Managing incoming calls

Whilst in our experience most prospective customers reply to our campaigns via email, there’s always the possibility they may pick up the phone. You’ll always know the time an email campaign is launched so that your prepared, but should you wish for us to handle your telephone responses, then that’s no problem at all.

We can quickly setup VOIP telephone numbers dedicated to your campaign and include these in our outbound emails, so that we’re ready to answer any calls. All of our team are based in the UK, and we only bill for the number of incoming calls received, rather than charging for someone to wait for the phone to ring.

Providing client briefs

Each time we liaise with a prospective customer on your behalf, we’ll be sure to take relevant notes to allow you to progress the response constructively. Before the campaign is launched, we’ll work with you to create a ‘conversational questionnaire’ to ensure that we get the information you’ll need to successfully progress the relationship during your first appointment.


Arranging your appointments

When it comes to booking your follow-up appointments, we’re flexible. You may wish to provide us access to your calendar, where we can populate the meeting directly into your diary. Equally, if you provide us with specific time slots that you will be available, we’ll arrange the meetings within those timeframes. Either way, you’ll receive an email confirmation from us promptly, supplied with a brief about the prospective client to support your upcoming engagement.


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