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Lead Generation Events

Lead generation events | Meet new customers.

Hosting a lead generation event is an effective way to get together the decision makers you want to meet in one room. In our experience it’s not about inviting people to come and listen to how great your business is, whereby you just reel off your products, services and customer benefits. It’s a great opportunity to invite a select target audience to listen, discuss, or debate a subject that’s important to them. At neptik, we’re experienced in organising and hosting events, and partner with our clients to do so on their behalf.

The right event for you

The right event for you and your business is the right event for who we invite – the people you want to do business with. Hosting an event around a subject that we’ve researched to be of value to them will increase the number of decision makers who decide to attend. If we get this part right they’ll remember you, and value your business’s message and opinion. During the event you’ll be able to network and forge new connections; and afterwards we can follow those up and arrange appointments so you can start developing new customer relationships.

Online events

The Covid19 crisis doesn’t mean we have to stop hosting lead generation events, it just means we need to think carefully about how we organise them. Never has there been a time where generating new leads has been so important. With the current economic downturn businesses have two choices: Get more customers to make more sales, or reduce overheads [we’ve written a blog about it which you can read here]. With this in mind, an online event is the perfect platform to host a round table gathering, a panel event, or a conference. Not only that, attendances tend to be high [In many cases we don’t need to limit the number of attendees], as no travel is required and people find it easier to fit an online event into their schedule. It’s also a very cost effective option compared to hosting a physical lead generation event, removing costs such as venue hire, food, refreshments, and potentially takeaway literature and merchandise.

Panel Events

Panel events are a brilliant way to engage with new clients. First, we research and identify a relevant theme that’s going to be discussed, or debated. Then we invite 6-8 people to join you as participants on two panels. These could be a blend of industry leaders, targeted decision makers and a couple of members from your team. Next, we’ll promote the occasion and send out audience invites to prospective customers using our lead generation service. There’s a bit more to it that we take care of, and we’ll also help with the post event follow-ups, where we can secure appointments for you to progress new customer relationships. The thing to realise is that panel lead generation events done well are extremely popular with decision makers. They want to keep up to date with the latest industry news, trends and legislation. Once you’ve hosted one panel event with us, you’ll probably want to run a series.

Round table meet-ups

A round table meet-up can be planned and organised swiftly. It’s a small gathering and who we invite know that, so they feel valued. There are many themes we can arrange one around. They’re great for getting feedback on something you’re working on, and informal. You’ll get a chance to properly talk with everyone that attends. And, you’ll hear what really matters to your target audience, allowing you to tailor the next stage of your business development approach.

Small conferences

Hosting a small conference to promote your business doesn’t need to be daunting. Yes there is a lot of organising to do – Venue finding, identifying prospects to invite, sign-up pages, speakers to confirm, presentation slides to create, and the list goes on. But, if you host a conference with neptik you won’t need to worry about any of that, because we’ll take care of it for you. Congregating 50-150 prospects and existing customers together is one of the best ways to convey your message. Not only that, the event build-up is a big part of it too. We create excitement, making sure that your brand is touching the hearts of the audience and putting you in their minds weeks before the show.

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