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Lead Generation

Lead Generation | We’ll grow your pipeline.

Our outbound lead generation service is a highly effective method of prospecting for new clients and business, delivering a much more cost efficient ROI when compared with cold calling and inbound marketing initiatives. Working with neptik as your lead generation partner will expand your reach, open new opportunities and deliver sustainable growth.

Your successful campaign

Developing and managing an effective lead generation campaign requires a variety of skills, resource and a process that truly works. When you partner with neptik, your outbound lead generation team will be 100% UK based and include specialists in campaign strategy, data analysis, content generation, and new business engagement. Our expert team will not only generate an abundance of validated, quality new leads; we’ll do it for a fraction of what it would cost your business to deliver internally.

Understand, explore and plan

Capturing the attention of prospective clients will be key to the success of your campaign. In order to stand out and hook prospects we start by working with you to understand your business and it’s offering, the competitive landscape and your target audience. From here, we develop and articulate the call/s to action that we will use to successfully engage new prospects in your campaign/s.



Develop campaign content

Having established our campaign strategy and objectives, our content experts will work with you to create compelling personalised email content, designed to capture and engage your target audience.

As well as email content, we can also help create content for:

  • Campaign landing pages
  • Relevant blogs
  • Supporting case studies
  • Presentation decks

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Identifying target prospects

More often than not, purchased databases are overly generic, unvalidated, inaccurate and out of date. That’s why we use a number of digital tools and channels to produce tailored, high quality, qualified, GDPR compliant engagement lists. We do this for every single individual campaign we work on, to ensure we’re contacting the right people at the right time.

Technical setup

Before launching your campaign/s we setup a number of technical systems that allow us to deliver our lead generation service efficiently. This includes domaines, email accounts, re-directs, prospecting software, CRM and tracking tools. By using our suite of technical applications we can automate certain elements of the process, whilst maintaining a personal and conversational approach with every single prospective client. 

Daily Outreach

Once we’ve understood your business’s offering, tailored an engaging campaign, identified your target audience, created compelling content and completed our technical set up, it’s time to launch your campaign!

From here, your account manager will coordinate your daily outbound activity, ensuring you’re always kept in the loop.  We’ll fuse our expertise with a personal approach, and use the latest technology to monitor our performance, always remaining agile – ready to adapt and implement changes that will maximise the performance of your outbound campaign.

Tracking, chasing and reporting

Monitoring and measuring the performance of your campaign every step of the way will be key to it’s success. We will categorise and log all responses each day, and provide a weekly report. All live leads and positive engagements will be shared daily to ensure live enquiries are promptly managed. All non-responders will be chased up with tailored, tactful emails, until 4-6 stages of follow-ups have been completed.

Businesses we've helped include