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Sectors | Experience in your industry.

At Neptik we have years of experience working in several industries, both client-side and as serving as a digital agency. Supporting industries where we already have an established insight and successful track record gives us a competitive advantage that adds precious value to your business when we’re working with you.

Business to Business

Our first-hand knowledge of delivering a range of business-to-business services has stood us in great stead when helping other B2B companies take their businesses forward. With years of experience developing and honing branding, online presence and marketing materials, our clients are in good hands.  Here are some of the highlights.

Luxury Travel and Tourism

Design, imagery, framing and functionality all come in to play when working with luxury travel and tourism brands. Our knowledge and experience of knowing how to translate stunning, exotic and adventurous travel experiences and products into the digital realm is well documented here.


Health and wellbeing, style and fashion and socially-conscious organisations have all come to Neptik for help with everything from streamlining web content to complete top-to-bottom rebrands. Here are some select case studies from our Lifestyle portfolio.


With a strong background in the industry going back many years, Neptik and forward-thinking hospitality brands have always been a great fit. Here are a selection of some fantastic hospitality projects we’ve been fortunate to work on.