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Business | We know what it takes to grow.

It’s time to get organised. There isn’t one magic spell to bring business success. It requires a multipronged, cohesive strategy combining numerous elements but with one shared goal: growth. We understand what it takes to get ahead in a fast-paced digital world. From utilising powerful applications to assess the market and the competition, to creating powerful applications which change the market and leave the competition in their tracks.


For each of Neptik’s areas of expertise, we are available to clients on a flexible, short to long-term consultant basis. As a functioning consultancy, we can empower your in-house departments and teams through expert oversight, training, technical advice and consultation. Whether you require assistance with brand identity and cohesion, digital strategy or advice on anything design or marketing related, we’re on hand to advise, steer and support.

Digital strategy

Most businesses have by now realised the importance of digital marketing. However, most fail to devise, implement and regularly review a coherent digital strategy.  Goals and targets need to be set and plans devised on how to attain them, or we’re on a fast track to nowhere (or at best, heading down a blind alley).

More than simply an online portfolio of your products and services, your online presence shapes public perception of your brand, strengthens your discoverability, and is typically now the primary way in which you will engage with and market to your customers.

Project management

As part of our service, we give you a dedicated project manager, from inception to delivery – whatever the size or scope of your project. They’ll be your point of contact and, depending on how much you want to be involved, their role can be to help you navigate and steer each stage of the process, or simply to present the details of each milestone along the way.

System implementation

When delivering a new product or service into a business, we ensure that our work links seamlessly with your current operations and that all relevant personnel are up to speed and comfortable with any inherent or potential changes in workflow. We want to eliminate any downtime at your end related to the implementation of new services, which requires careful planning.