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With you every step of the way.

For each of Neptik’s areas of expertise, we are available to clients on a flexible, short to long-term consultant basis. As a functioning consultancy, we can empower your in-house departments and teams through expert oversight, training, technical advice and consultation. Whether you require assistance with brand identity and cohesion, digital strategy or advice on anything design or marketing related, we’re on hand to advise, steer and support.

A significant part of our process, regardless of the project, is research. This is something that we also offer as part of our consultancy provision. We have a range of practices and techniques that we use to conduct research prior to generating ideas which can improve invaluable to our clients. These include competitor & industry analysis, exploring users’ motives and eventualities, understanding cultures and behaviours, and live testing.

Once we have underpinned what does/doesn’t work we can make clear recommendations based on the facts and work with you to deliver the solutions, either as a consultancy or serving as your digital agency.