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Digital Strategy

Plan. Implement. Measure. Repeat.

Most businesses have by now realised the importance of digital marketing. However, most fail to devise, implement and regularly review a coherent digital strategy.  Goals and targets need to be set and plans devised on how to attain them, or we’re on a fast track to nowhere (or at best, heading down a blind alley).

More than simply an online portfolio of your products and services, your online presence shapes public perception of your brand, strengthens your discoverability, and is typically now the primary way in which you will engage with and market to your customers.

There are now many overlapping and interweaving digital tools available for growing, sculpting and maintaining your digital presence. But without a proper strategy in place, it’s easy to waste time, resources and mental energy on the wrong initiatives (or the right initiatives in completely the wrong way, which can be inefficient, sometimes catastrophic). Milestones, targets and opportunities can be missed, or failed to be identified in the first place.

From social media to direct marketing, SEO to Pay Per Click advertising, Neptik and our partners are adept at harnessing all of these powerful tools and using them as part of a cohesive strategy devised specifically for your business and your business alone. We don’t offer simplified one-size-fits-all packages; each strategy is individually tailored to suit your business targets and aspirations.

Before undertaking any digital marketing operational task we plan it down to the minute using Agile project management methodology, benchmarking where we are, where we want to be and how we’re going to get there, using KPIs, growth strategies and a range of measurement tools.

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