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Project management

One point of contact, a whole team of experts.

As part of our service, we give you a dedicated project manager, from inception to delivery – whatever the size or scope of your project. They’ll be your point of contact and, depending on how much you want to be involved, their role can be to help you navigate and steer each stage of the process, or simply to present the details of each milestone along the way.

From the very first task through to sign-off, your Neptik project manager will be an extension of your team and on hand to answer any concerns, solve any problems and impart expert advice as and when it’s needed. We’ve found that when clients only have one person to deal with, dialogue is more efficient and more productive, making for a better working relationship and the best outcomes. Furthermore, they will have the whole Neptik team and partners at their disposal, which means you do also.

So whether you like to be kept abreast of all developments or prefer to brief then get back to business, we’ll manage your project in a manner that suits you.