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Design | intuitively
capture and
convert customers.

When it comes to exceptional design, we believe that form and function are inseparable. Functional design that engages and offers excellent User Experience needn’t mean sacrificing aesthetic quality. Our designers are experts in striking the perfect balance, so that your message is focussed, clearly defined and consistent, whilst both UI and UX remain smooth, intuitive and frustration-free.


We need to understand your business, the competitive landscape, your customers and their motivations. There is no value in making assumptions, that’s why we start with a blank canvas and let our insights drive creativity.


Your brand is both the main character in your story and the story itself. It’s something that customers absorb and recall when using your product or service. Your branding evokes feelings, represents who you are and differentiates you from the competition. We craft digital identities and help plan how your story unfolds, forging links and touch-points that will convert a casual customer to a loyal and dedicated one.

User experience design

For software, an app or website to function optimally, visual impact should not be at the expense of User Experience. Fortunately for our clients, from London to Dubai, Neptik’s unique UX design methodology allows you to have your cake and eat it.

User interface design

Web, APPs, Software, social, banners, they all need designing and with so many different devices to interact with, user Interface design has never been in more demand at Neptik.

When we design interfaces we take a bespoke approach to ensure your business has a unique and stand-out digital identity that resonates with users and dilutes the competition.