The Value of Landing Pages

by | 22nd July 2022

When it comes to email lead generation, it’s not just the emails that matter. An effective landing page is often one of the crucial steps that converts a prospective client into a lead.

Yes, emails are essential for grasping a prospective client’s attention, but it’s also critical that when they click on a link, they are directed to content that gets them excited to work with you.  That’s exactly what landing pages are for, and so, in this blog, we’ll walk you through what a landing page is, why they are so valuable, and how to make yours the most effective. 

So, what exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone page, distinct from other pages on your website, that provides prospective customers with focused information related to an offer. Rather than directing them to your homepage where they may get distracted by less relevant information, or lose interest as they attempt to find information themselves, a landing page is dedicated to educating customers on why you’re reaching out with a clear call to action.

Why landing pages are so valuable?

When looking for more information on an offer, most of us want the process to be as smooth and effortless as possible.

Landing pages are static pages with limited navigation, so are free of the disturbances that may point visitors away from your offer. They eliminate the hassle of prospects having to wade through all the content on your homepage to find what they need, and instead supply them with a wealth of relevant information directly related to what you’re providing. 

This is what makes incorporating landing pages such a powerful way of increasing conversion rates – they provide the concise, yet in-depth, targeted information that prospects seek.

So, now that you understand the role and value of a landing page, let’s move on to how you can gear yours up to drive your leads into action.

What makes an effective landing page?

  1. Keep it focused

Your landing page should aim to provide the visitor with a clear message conveyed through focused information. This isn’t the place to relay what’s on your homepage or ‘about’ page – instead, zero in on the customer and express exactly what you’ll be providing them and why it will be of use to them. 

It’s important that the way you inform potential customers on your offer is coherent and enjoyable to read. Large blocks of text with wordy jargon can be intimidating, so try to avoid that. After all, you don’t want to run the risk of losing your prospect’s interest. 

  1. Utilising video content

With the ever-increasing popularity of short-form content, incorporating a quick explanation video into your landing page is a great way to walk your customers through what you do without losing their attention.

Not only does this provide a visual appeal to your landing page, it also makes the process of understanding your proposition much more entertaining, which is always a bonus. 

  1. Use simple forms

Where forms are necessary, it’s essential to keep them user-friendly. Your customers will most likely be looking for clear information with a defined call to action. What they won’t be looking for, is a daunting 50 question form to fill out. 

Any forms should be kept as short and sweet as possible, and should be broken down into steps or sections to ensure a smoother process. That said, if you’re reaching out over email and the call to action is to get them to reply, adding a contact form may lead them in the wrong direction, so think about where they’ll be accessing the page from when considering this. 

  1. Have the goal in mind

The goal of your landing page is to generate a lead by having the customer follow the call-to-action. So, when creating your landing page, it’s crucial to ensure that you are outlining exactly why your offer would be beneficial to your prospect.

An effective landing page will convey this message throughout, and consistently explain how you can meet your customers needs, encouraging them to engage.

  1. Make your call-to-action stand out 

Your CTA is fundamental for conversion, so making sure it’s simple, distinctive and eye-catching is a must. Your landing page will be guiding the customer to this point in order to convince them to interact, so it’s important not to neglect this step.

And there we have it – a simple guide to optimising your landing page to help you kickstart your conversion rates and generate those leads.

On that note, if you’d like to learn about platforms that can help you track your customer interactions and improve your business relationships, stick around for our next post where we run through the best CRM Platforms for you and your team.