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Tesla Rental & Chauffeuring Services

The client

Their fleet was to be standardised on one car; the new electric Tesla S-Type car. EV-GO’s proposition combines luxury travel with environmental sustainability.

The Brief

It was essential to EV-GO that their message was marketed in a way that represented their brand as a form of ‘luxury travel’, with the added benefit of being good to the environment.

They initially wanted a logo and branding, as well as a website, but it soon became clear we could deliver a lot more value.

Content Generation

The site needed to work around the message of sustainability; we therefore believed content had to come first. This gave us the chance to really delve into the client’s background, philosophy, values and aspirations.

After several workshops and interviews, we’d got the ball rolling with a brand new mission statement: Experience Excellence. Drive Sustainability.

By generating the content early, we were able to establish key trends and styles that would benefit the ongoing process of the logo design and corporate brand guidelines.

Logo & Branding

Modern, clean, symmetric and a resemblance of a car badge was what we were working towards. For us, it was essential we also represented their fleet being 100% electric and CO2 emissions free (to interlink with their USP and strapline). The final logo and branding incorporated the client’s tastes and style, had a clear association with a car badge and used a ‘stand-by’ electrical icon to represent its environmental values.

Overall, it suggested ‘luxury’ and combined well with the visual elements of sustainability we’d included.

Photography & Filming

On-location shooting is key for our film and photography services. Being in London posed its own challenges, but delivered the perfect set. The storyboard, locations, scripts, directing, filming and editing was all produced by Neptik, as well as sound, narrative and the voiceover.

Website Design & Development

We always aim to design and build projects around strong assets, rather than create frameworks to later dump content and imagery into. Through research, diligence and working in an unorthodox manner, we created the style we aimed to deliver.

Website functionality was designed to improve communication, putting the focus on user experience design. This made it easier to make enquiries and ultimately make a booking. Data capture was also a high priority, as was having a platform to showcase the business and offer customer assurance through feedback and testimonials.

“Neptik are the best web agency in Brighton I’ve used, I’m delighted to have worked with them”

Jonathan Rowley | Managing Director