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Contemporary website design, development and storytelling for one of the UK's leading producers of vibrant geometric artwork. 

The Client

Art+Believe’s work is emotive and vibrant. They apply their style both vertically and horizontally to unique pieces of architecture and breathtaking locations throughout the world. Their mission is to transform spaces.


The Brief

When Art+Believe met with Neptik there was a clear synergy from the start. Unknowingly, Ben had pieces of their older artwork on the walls. His love and appreciation for contemporary, vibrant art was quickly recognised; kicking the relationship off to a great start.

They wanted a new website, a home on the web they could frame their work, talk about their journey, host their videos and allow collectors to purchase pieces of their artwork.

After carefully listening, generating ideas and delivering the proposal, Art+Believe took the decision and commissioned Neptik to design/build their new website, and tell their story.





Being research driven is how we achieve the result we do. Before any design work commenced Ben imerselved himself in their world.

Art+Believe is a team brand comprised of Dan and Charlotte Doherty. They have travelled the world together for over 10 years, gracing continents with their brushes along the way. It’s an incredible story.

A series of interviews were recorded and transcribed, then edited into an enthralling tale, one we could convey on the web. As well as understanding the journey from their perspective, steps were taken to understand the history of the buildings and landscapes they had worked on. Ben also paid considerable attention to what others had to say – their reviews, testimonials and the awards they had won.


The Finished Product

Following the research we commenced designing the website. We used a clean white background to act as a frame that wouldn’t conflict with their intrinsic style. Thick white gutter lines were applied to separate their work tiles and connect with their geometric shapes.

The page structure was designed to represent their work, but also help viewers imagine how they could collaborate with art+Believe and bring their vibrance into their workspace, organisation, or community.

The website was optimised to perform to the highest of standards, whilst hosting such rich and sizable photography content.

Working with Dan and charlotte was a great fun, we’re delighted to have started another new great relationship and looking forward to continuing to work with them.


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"Neptik we’re absolutely brilliant to work with. We’re really happy with the website. Ben made it really easy for us and took a lot of time to understand what Art + Believe were about, creating a website that is really fun, exciting and perfectly showcases exactly what we do" Dan + Charlotte Doherty | Art + Believe