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The Flour Pot Bakery

Sussex's fastest growing artisan bakery chain.

The Client

The Flour Pot Bakery are probably the most enthusiastic and meticulous bakery chain in Brighton. Established in 2011, their initial model was to bake and distribute great food to a number of leading coffee and culinary establishments throughout Brighton, Sussex and London.

The Brief

The Flour Pot were looking to develop their online identity to complement their recent growth and new locations, now standing at 5 throughout Brighton.

It was clear from the outset that this was going to be an exciting project. Their existing brand identity was already in action and represented the business beautifully, so working in line with that was policy from the outset.

They wanted a website that represented their love for baking and desire for people to enjoy what they produce. It needed to host their promo video and also be image rich. Creating a lovely clean, crisp site, with a rustic edge, similar to the shop’s interior was top of the menu.

The Result

We didn’t want any conflict with the existing logo or brand; instead we wanted to work with its creators closely. This proved to be a fruitful piece of collaboration and brought about some interesting ideas that we delivered collaboratively.

Fantastic and unique imagery was utilised to set the shop scene on the website. We incorporated header sliders to let people see as much of the shop, team and production line as possible. We wanted to emphasise the care and hand crafted expertise that goes into producing their products.

Their intricate baking processes really captured our attention, so we delivered an image rich story process to detail the methods and timings used to produce their foods. User experience design was key, as was ensuring the site acted as a showcase to represent their team, values, products and service.

We looked at the shops’ functions, client interaction and the way they worked with their bakery production line. Being a fresh wholesale bakery for coffee shops and restaurants, we also wanted to incorporate hospitality software that could lend an efficient hand to that side of the business.

The website was designed to have a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), as well as being fully responsive across all devices. A Neptik Standard.

We took the video and created a full-width rolling splash, which was positioned at the top of the ‘Our Story Page’. We also came up with a solution for the online shop and delivered a bespoke ‘click and collect service’ to run alongside a delivery service, and shop suit; both also integrated into the website functionality.

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