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CCS Adoption

The client

CCS Adoption are an adoption agency based in Bristol, UK.

For over 110 years, CCS have been working to find permanent homes for children desperately in need, appealing to local communities across the UK and providing childcare opportunities for prospective parents regardless of age, race, sexuality or marital status.

The Brief

CCS Adoption came to us with a strict budget and were interested in how we could develop their existing website further, maintaining site structure and crucial landing pages whilst streamlining the browsing experience. Our work had to be cost effective but also meet the criteria set by CCS; including optimisation for mobile phones, responsive contact forms, audio-visual content and SEO for Google rankings.

During our website audit we noticed multiple ways in which the site design could be improved. We created several prototypes before settling on one and moving onto the design phase.

Website Design

Based on the brief, we established the best platform for CCS Adoption’s new website would be WordPress. This would provide staff at CCS, who had identified themselves as non-technical minded, with an easy and well-established web platform to manage. Also included was training from experts at Neptik; this would ensure staff at CCS were intimately familiar with WordPress as a content management system and could sustain the site suitably for years to come.

After settling on WordPress, we begun to wireframe the site and establish how our redesign would benefit the existing site structure. These initial designs helped us visualise how the new website design would look, and we were constantly updating the design based on rigorous testing and feedback sessions with CCS.

The next step was building our custom designs and making it as simple as possible. The backend of the site was purposefully designed to make management of these assets much easier, as well as to ensure every function on the site could be managed from one convenient location. These web development features included:

  • Blog and social media management
  • Newsletter signup
  • Contact form responses
  • Email marketing
  • Multimedia integration
  • FAQ’s
  • Comments

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“A digital agency that knows how to design and build an adoption website.”
Mel Ranhawa / Digital Manager