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Chapman Freeborn

The Client

The air charter broker of 2016. 40 years of trading, over thirty offices worldwide, hundreds of global destinations.

The Brief

When Chapman Freenborn’s digital marketing team approached Neptik with the opportunity of bidding for their international Intranet project we were very excited. Competition was fierce so when we were awarded the project there was no question we were going to do everything and some to exceed Chapman Freeborn’s expectations.

There was an existing Intranet system in place, but it was antiquated, not particularly user-friendly and in need of a new identity; a place the marketing team could use to share their initiatives, actions and results with the rest of the business, globally.

“We have been working with Neptik on a large-scale project to design, develop and implement a company intranet page, viewable for our 400+ global staff.

Neptik have approached the project with nothing but professionalism, dedication and often going above and beyond with regards to consulting, support and development.”

Jack Lockyer / Chapman Freeborn, Digital Marketing Manager