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City Pantry

The Client

Established in 2015, City Pantry deliver over 15,000 meals to organisations in London every week, with customers including brands such as Google, Airbnb, Uber and Accenture.

People use the City Pantry app to browse and choose food options from hundreds of vendors, including street shacks and fine dining restaurants. Orders are delivered by courier, and with the ability to create meal plans, the service is tailored for office lunches, meetings and all food requirements for businesses.

They’re on a mission to change the perception of meal times in the work place, and as food-lovers ourselves, we felt an immediate connection with City Pantry’s ambitions.

The Brief

City Pantry turned to our team to develop their new branding into a pattern library, which would be implemented onto their app and various other digital platforms, including Hubspot marketing pages and other marketing tools.

A pattern library is a website broken down into small re-usable components. These components can then be used to build multiple websites, apps and other pages as required by the client’s in-house development team.

With this approach, the company would benefit from a consistent brand across all their platforms, in turn building greater trust with their customer base.

Read our blog post on how we created consistency for City Pantry using pattern libraries.

Mobile performance was crucial, so we factored this in as early as possible and tested our ideas on a range of devices, even during wire framing.

Whilst the brand guidelines were comprehensive, our UX and design team spent time carefully tweaking the colours, typography and other elements of the design language to ensure that on the web we had a look and feel that worked across the vast array of devices and screen types.

This process of pattern library development was cyclical, with repeated iterations of design and build, so we were careful to draw on various project management techniques so we wouldn’t lose track of what was going on.

A living design tool

City Pantry now possess a library of design elements that can be used and applied across all their various online systems for a cohesive and coherent brand message.

Customer feedback has been positive, with orders on the rise. In-house teams are also benefitting from being able to more quickly create the content and systems required.

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“Ben and his team were great to work with, they smashed it! Not only super creative, their integration with our internal system was done quickly and easily, with minimal fuss.”
Stuart Sunderland / Founder & Chief Executive