City Pantry

The Client

City Pantry serve meals to workers in businesses. Someone selects a food establishment via their app and orders the food for their team. City Pantry then collect the freshly prepared food and drive it to the business, where they’ll serve it to your team.

City Pantry bring the restaurant experience to you, without bearing the brunt of a less than smooth scooter ride to the plate. 

Established in 2015, City Pantry are already feeding people in over 500 different organisations, with regular buy-in from established brands, such as Google, Airbnb, Uber and Accenture.

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graphic showing components of city pantry website

The Brief

City Pantry have their own web design and development team in-house, they manage their own backend systems and had recently undergone a rebrand in preparation for an expansion of their services into new cities throughout the UK.

They partnered with Neptik to redesign their website user-interfaces and user-experience, whilst introducing their new brand into digital.

This however wasn’t your usual web project. Rather than implementing a website design on either a WordPress or Shopify content management system, City Pantry’s website was built on Angular with an internal backend and database, which meant that rather than designing and building a website, our brief was to create a pattern library which could then be applied, not just to the website but across other digital systems.

A pattern library is a website broken down into small re-usable components. These components can then be used to build multiple websites, apps and other pages as required by the clients in-house development team.

photo of someone eating food

The client and end-user feedback has been amazing. City Pantry now have a fantastic new online presence and a ‘living design tool’ in the form of a pattern library to use on future campaigns and projects to quickly conceive and deliver a robust and engaging brand experience.

Neptik continues to work in partnership with City Pantry and support their supremacy in the business-2-business food delivery service sector.


“Neptik were great to work with at every stage of our recent re-brand. They produced a fantastic UX process, developed a new pattern library and worked within our team to apply the styles to our Angular website. The quality of work that was produced meant that the integration from our internal team could be done swiftly and with minimal interruption. We continue to work with Neptik and value our partnership.”

Stuart Sunderland – City Pantry CEO