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Natural, vegan, oral care. 71% increase in Organic Search.

The Client

Georganics started from a passion to create healthy, natural, organic and vegan oral care alternatives. Free from toxic ingredients like fluoride, triclosan and sodium lauryl sulfate, Georganics sell a range of toothpastes, oil pulling mouthwashes and supplements online, and around the country at Wholefoods stores, Infinity Foods and Holland & Barrett.

The Brief

Georganics were keen to elevate their online presence. They wanted to effectively utilise social media to spread the word about the brand, engage with relevant audiences, and ultimately increase awareness, and sales.

  • Increased organic traffic to site
  • Increased social media following and engagement
Blogger Outreach

As an agency in the heart of Brighton, and with our experience working with other health-conscious brands like Infinity Foods and Amaveda, our digital marketing team were familiar with the target audience. With in-depth research, we got in contact with relevant social media influencers and bloggers concerned with the vegan, natural and organic beauty industry and built strong relationships that allowed us to reach their existing follower base, and increase traffic to the site.

Social Media

Utilising the most relevant and appropriate social media platforms, we created a detailed social media strategy in order to target the audiences that were most likely to engage with the brand and raise awareness. By integrating our blogger outreach outcomes with social media, we were able to grow Georganics’ relationships, follower base, engagement and positive interactions.

  • 62% increase in Instagram following in 2 months
  • 10% increase in Facebook following in 2 months
  • 38% increase in Twitter following in 2 months
  • 71% increase in organic search to site in 2 months
  • 68% increase in direct traffic to site in last 2 months
  • 73% increase in referral traffic to site in last 2 months
  • 81% increase in social traffic to site in last 2 months

Working with Georganics allowed us to really show our creativity and flexibility with our digital marketing and blogger outreach services. It gave us the opportunity to explore exciting audiences, interests and industries that are exponentially growing and developing.

“By working with Neptik our eCommerce has doubled in sales and the brand is now much more known. Great guys to work with.”
Alex Rocchi | Managing Director