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Ellie Mac Embroidery

The client

Embroidery designs for brands such as Reiss & Topshop.

Ellie is a Brighton based independent embroiderer. Having learnt her trade at London’s College of Fashion, she now expresses her creative flair through embroidery whilst working with leading fashion designers and labels throughout the UK and Europe.

The Brief

The client’s enquiries were growing and she was attending an increasing number of events.

Ellie had a growing business, but it unfortunately lacked an identity. She needed business cards and other branded stationary merchandise, but had no name, logo or branding in place.

In addition, Ellie wanted to feature scissors in her logo, the rest was a blank canvas.

Getting our hands dirty

Although Ellie was trading and growing her business, our initial goal was to support her with generating a suitable name for the business. An initial workshop allowed us to explain why we believed the business name needed to incorporate her own name and her service as the finished product. There were lots of ideas and variations explored across multiple meetings, but ultimately the chosen name was:

Ellie Mac Embroidery

We shortened both the client’s first and surname, to make it more current and fitting with her quirky Brighton style and personality; something we understood as a Brighton web agency. It had a nice ring to it, was memorable in relation to her service of embroidery and posed great potential for the logo and further digital branding.


The new name gave us the opportunity to play further on the words and the letters of her initials. It also allowed us to place the initials geometrically around the scissors, which were drawn and designed by our in-house artists for print design.

For the business cards, we wanted to retain the simplicity of the logo design, but add some colour and some extra flair to make them stand out amongst the rest. We delivered a simple black and white design, with a turquoise coloured edge. The headed paper and compliment slips were of a simple design, printed onto quality diamond white wove, conqueror paper.

“We’re absolutely delighted with our new logo and Brand that Ben and the team designed for us.”
Ellie Macdonald / Founder