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Gate Technologies

Business to business web design & development.

The Client

For over twenty years GT have been designing and installing airport check-in desks, passport control areas and security equipment into the most renowned airports across the globe.  

GT had an extensive amount of photos and information from previously completed projects that were nowhere online for new potential customers to see.

They not only wanted a new website design, but also a brand refresh, new photography, written content and an ongoing marketing strategy.


What we did

After completing our market research it was clear to see that our client’s competition had not heavily invested in their digital marketing and therefore we had a fantastic opportunity to raise GT’s profile.

The existing logo and branding worked, but needed some alterations to bring it up to date and inline with their new website design. 

We took the existing logo out of its container and merged it with the background colour that was set in their red brand tone. We then added a new complementary teal colour to their branding assets and we were good to go.

Well edited imagery was essential to demonstrate the quality of their work 

When we started the project we were given a large catalogue of photos from previous projects to use. However, the imagery resolution was not the highest quality.

We therefore re-edited their existing photography to bring it up to the highest quality we could. We then completed a day of photography, completing shoots in Gatwick, Stansted and Heathrow airport.

Finally, we merged the new  and existing photography together, using the new high quality imagery on the home and services pages and the existing photography on the project pages.


The main objectives of the new site was to give GT a fresh new brand, to promote previous work and to increase sales.

We’d addressed user conversion through UX, design and superfast WordPress development, but we still needed to increase the traffic coming to the site. We therefore developed a 360 digital strategy including content generation and optimisation and an ongoing search engine optimisation schedule.

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“Working with Ben and his team has surpassed all my expectations. A lively bunch, full of good ideas and the resource to deliver them effectively”
Tim Hodge / Founder & Managing Director