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Hartdene Construction

Home is where the hart is.

The client

Based in Surrey, Hartdene Construction is an established family-run construction company that operates across London and the South East. The business itself has spanned across 3 generations of CSCS accredited building professionals, taking on a range of ambitious and distinctive projects over the years.

Hartdene Construction are partnered with Electrix UK and Gas Safe engineers, plumbers, and electricians to provide a quality one-stop shop for any property development project, as well as a well-established network of architects and interior designers.

The Brief

The client initially came to us following an investment in a fleet of new vans, hoping to develop a brand new logo for the signage. At this point, we established what information needed to be included, such as the email address, website, services supplied, and whether they’d also need business cards designed, complete with the new logo.

It was agreed that we would deliver new business card designs, domain and email setup, as well as establish brand guidelines for any future design work. This would ensure Hartdene Construction could maintain a consistent brand identity in future projects.

Logo & Branding

The logo needed to convey a message of top-quality construction, properly representing the 3 generations worth of experience that the company held. We also wanted to incorporate the ‘hart’ from the company name into the logo design; this would represent the love and care which Hartdene Construction puts into its customer services.

Our initial design concept was of a quaint house illustration, with one of the windows shaped as a heart. The client liked the design, but felt it didn’t represent construction and could be deemed a little too friendly in a competitive market. Using this feedback, we went back to the drawing board.

Later we came up with the idea of replacing the ‘home’ with an actual blueprint CAD design of a house in build, with a wind dial on the roof shaped as a heart to link the design and company brand. The client was happy that we had incorporated technical elements of their work, and sign off was complete.

We supplied the final logo with brand guidelines documentation, a working email account with a professional domain name; plus two sided full colour, laminated business cards complete with the brand new logo design.