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Infinity Foods

Established in 1970, Infinity Foods are the UK's first supermarket dedicated to 100% whole foods.

The Client

Infinity wanted us to soak up and digitally draw out their values, heritage, the grit and wear of what they do and what they’ve become together. The site was to showcase their history and help promote the full range of what they offer and how they’ve made it happen. They also wanted to get it ready to use as their central marketing tool to celebrate their 50th Birthday in the not too distant future.

The Brief

‘A retail website is exactly what we don’t want’. That was the first line in our initial briefing meeting. Whilst when considering their vast range of products this sounded like madness, however after looking at how the mechanics of their business worked it was clear to understand why they didn’t want us to produce an eCommerce site. Essentially it would have been a great success in terms of sales, but their existing store infrastructure wasn’t designed to serve that kind of operation and this site was not about them increasing revenues it was about sharing, engaging, supporting and giving.

What we did

With a lower demand on functionality our goal was to design a website that blew them away in terms of look, feel and user experience. They did ask us to take a look a changing their store logo, but with Infinity being such an established brand, we steered them away and instead looked at new ways to surface and present it in the new site.

As a co-operative, we knew that the site would need to reflect the community values of Infinity Foods. The brief included the requirement for a timeline that would scroll horizontally. Each slide would need to be of different widths, accommodating any number of pictures and almost any amount of text. We built a custom slider script to accommodate this and publish their history as and when it now happens.

Another challenge that Infinity was faced with was incoming emails and calls that had become difficult for them to effectively manage as a Co-op. We came up with the idea of an enquiry drop down menu in their contact page that would manage each type of contact and then route accordingly; even providing a CV upload function for people applying to work there.

The site was built in WordPress, so the team at Infinity could easily manage their content and add recipes and news.

Great design needs great substance and what better way to visually represent what they’ve achieved than to produce some amazing website photography. We planned, managed and produced the photography across their store, bakery and kitchen. We’ve done some great shoots in our time, but working with Infinity on this was a real experience and we certainly weren’t looking for material to shoot. The pictures taken and the edit quality gave us some great assets to work into the design and represented the worn edges and rustic atmosphere Infinity wanted us to portray.

Every project has its surprises and it’s fair to say their Co-operative of workers have some real creative talent. Throughout the project we worked with them to create an array of beautiful icons to use across the site. It’s not every day we have such a creative interaction with clients, but a joy when we do.

For us at Neptik this really was a very special site for us to produce and a real creative chance to do something different to typical wellbeing websites.

“One of the things I love about Infinity is that when I walk to the tills the person serving me always has clever recipes for me to try with my produce. I’ve loved every one of them!”

Infinity Foods Customer

The Result

With a focus on simple user experience we built a clean website using WordPress that allowed them to to easily manage content, add recipes or updates and engage with customers in the same way they do in-store. An organic and natural aesthetic works well to compliment the brand.

At the same time we at tidied up some of back office handling for them, including filtering the numerous emails they received to speed up their ability to respond and get back to what really matter – the customers.

We also built a custom timeline on the “Story” page that allows the company to display archive material from throughout the many years of their history.

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