Journeys by Design

African experiences of exploration and Indulgence

The client

Featured often in the world’s most elite press publications, Journey’s by Design leads the way in tailored luxury African safari adventures for people seeking an enlightening expedition of Africa’s beauty, culture and history.

They’re not your typical travel company, far from it. Serving clientele globally these guys spare no resource and leave no stone unturned when it comes to designing breath-taking travel proficiencies. Operating in the UK, they’ll think nothing of visiting you in California, where they’ll sit around your kitchen table and create an amazing experience in front of your very eyes.

The Brief

Whilst having an exquisite brand identity and high ranking position in the luxury travel market they felt their website, the centre of their marketing activity, didn’t offer a true representation of who they were, the quality they strive to deliver or what they can offer in terms of ‘a higher level in tourism’.

As soon as they came to us, we knew this was a project that would not only elevate Journeys by Design’s online presence, but also an opportunity for us at Neptik to pull all the stops out in terms of creating our most beautiful hand crafted website to date.

Website Design

One of main reasons we won the project was because we don’t use website themes or templates, we start from scratch and make the website design and user experience deliver the conversions we’re commissioned to deliver.

With so much beautiful photography, content and branding available our pallet was full. We needed to retain the existing copy and site structure to anchor down the website’s online authority, but at the same time, we need to redesign and position the existing content into a design that made the information palatable and in situ with the new designs and ‘calls to action’. We hosted a number of workshops, from researching through to concepts, then designs and prototyping ‘in browser’.

The new website design provides a guided showcase of what they offer and the standard of luxury service delivered. The designs represent the clients accolades with globally selected press brands and the time, experience and love that goes into one of their holidays, as they design it.

Website Development

In terms of development, Journeys by Design presented its own set of unique challenges for our team. Not least of all we were handed a beautiful hero design, which required the ability for the client to drop in any photo, and the site create an Africa outline mask, with colour and blur filters.

The use of beautiful photography required the team to consider carefully how to balance site speed and performance with maintaining image quality. With a modular design, and over 1,500 pages, the site also presented challenges in ensuring the client would be able to create and manage pages in a complex hierarchy.

Ongoing relationship

The project was sizeable, so ongoing support a must. We continue to work closely with Journeys By Design to optimise the design, reliability and performance of the site and to ensure they remain the benchmark of online quality in Luxury travel.

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