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Lucy Bower

The Client

Lucy Bower is a successful London based fashion stylist currently working for Vogue UK.

Lucy came to Neptik to develop her online identity and carve her fashion styling business a place on the web that she could call her own.

The Brief

Lucy’s job requires her to travel and work regularly overseas. So rather than carrying a hefty printed portfolio, we were tasked with the creation of a showcase website to feature her past and present shoots in an excellent and professional manner.

The website design needed to be clean, with striking imagery and an easy to navigate portfolio format putting focus on the user experience design. A simple, minimal logo design of her name was also on the list.

The Logo

As with the site, Lucy didn’t want a prominent logo that would draw attention away from the imagery. For her, the brand she represented was Vogue, so in essence the main objective was to find a design that would meet her non-prominent specifications and fit well with the website.

A small amount of styling was applied and the chosen font for the logo was also applied to headers throughout the site.

The Website

Her imagery deserved minimal distraction and needed to be easy to view and navigate, so we got to work on designing a bespoke, clutter-free showcase site, built on a simple CMS that let the beautiful images speak for themselves.

Using a responsive horizontal layout for the website, her images would never be cut off by small browser windows and would always be seen in full by the viewer, exactly as intended. This also ensured the website would be fully responsive across all devices, a Neptik standard.

Previously Lucy had no way of measuring her online exposure, so we implemented various analytics to measure the traffic to her new site. This enabled her to monitor projects gaining the most exposure and search terms that generated more traffic via SEO.