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Maasai Mara Safari

Luxurious branding, illustrations, website design and story telling.

The Client

We recently won a project in Africa to design and build a luxury website for a new Safari resort in Kenya. Part of the pitch was our research driven design process that we proposed to undertake with the client onsite at their resort in the Masaai Mara Lemek conservancy.

The luxury safari camp has been independently designed and built by the Maasai tribe, not a tourism company, or an external investor. It is a true labour of love that they wish to share with the rest of the world.


The work we produce is ‘Research Driven’ 

We believe that the key to the quality of work we produce and the results our clients experience is that the work we design and deliver is research driven. It’s not out of a box, it’s not a rejigged version of something else. We design and build bespoke websites and other digital platforms that are a true representation of who are clients are, what they offer and the experience they want their clients to have when engaging with their brand.

When we were approached by the Naserian Mara Safari Camp in Kenya about designing and building their new website, we explained that for us to produce the highest standard of work we could, we needed to immerse ourselves in their culture. This would allow us to understand everything that makes them unique and help us siphon all the beautiful natural elements of the location and scenery. Our aim was to then incorporate these into the design to create a distinctive digital representation of the camp and the tribe.

Once our proposal was accepted, we set the date to travel

Any project we undertake kicks off with an initial client workshop, where we use a number Neptik tools to review and identify features and measurables relating to the client’s customers and competitors.

It also includes creative research, ideas and builds a foundation for us to use to continue research internally and to start creating concepts and prototypes. For us it was vital to conduct this with the client onsite in Africa.

In addition to designing and developing their new Safari website, we were also commissioned with designing hand drawn illustrations, broadening their branding guidelines for digital applications and writing and optimising their story for search engine marketing. All these tasks needed researching first to hit the standard we were aiming for.

We were onsite in Kenya for three days, where we completed a client workshop (as we do in the UK & EU) and also conducted:

A full site visit where we photographed every element of the camp to help build the story. This included understanding how they are completely off grid, have their own water well pump, farm, solar panel power, medical centre and Spa.

A one2one Interview with the Tribe’s chairman to understand the history, culture and future aspirations of the Maasai Mara tribe and their new camp.

Natural colour swatching of the landscape to create a colour palette that resonated with their location and style.

A safari tour to understand the environment, nature, wildlife and the essence of why people travel there.

A meet-up with the staff to get their take on what makes the camp special.

Upon returning to the UK

After a highly successful trip to African, we came back with an abundance of design assets and ideas. We were conscious that everything was fresh in our heads and eager to start, so we promptly commenced working on the illustrations, followed by concepts of the website design and subsequent iterations until we knew what we had would exceed the client’s expectations.

The substance and quality of the final website designs could not have been achieved without the understanding we were able to gain and the material and information we were able to collate whilst completing the research directly with the client onsite. This provided the foundations to create something special and was a great justification as to why we work as we do.


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“Having Ben visit Kenya to meet us, conduct research and host the workshop was a real eye opener. He really went the further mile and it’s truly evident in the breathtaking website Neptik created”

Alfred Ngeno | Operations Director