McKenna Jones.

Information to insight, inspiration to action.

The Client

McKenna Jones build new brands and develop consumer profiles to decrypt what’s hot and what’s not in markets throughout the world. They came to Neptik for brand development and a minimalist web design that explained who they are and what they do (not just company research and marketing analysis) in a very simple way. A way that leaves the viewer ‘getting it’. A way that doesn’t promote them as your typical market research agency.

The Project

With simplicity being the key to success on this project and with McKenna Jones helping businesses understand how brands and products fit into consumers lives, we collectively agreed that what better way to explain things than to use simple, yet revolutionary items that everyone uses, or used that have inspired generations. This linked up with their story and how they do what they do.

The website was complimented with another simple, yet effective dressing: the logo, again of simple essence – ‘a font and Full stop’.

This project allowed us to take a unique angle and create something that wasn’t typically ‘what you’d expect’, least by the international organisations McKenna Jones have as clients.

Client Testimonial

“We had wanted a website for a while and had spoken to a few agencies, but they always seemed to talk at us and assume our lack of knowledge about web design meant we either didn’t know what we wanted or didn’t know how to say it.”

“That all changed when we met Neptik.”

“They took an immediate interest in what we do and how we go about it. We talked at length about how we approach our work. They came to visit our office and observed what we do. In short, they realised that they needed to get to understand us before they could help us”

“This front end immersion began to pay off immediately. When we saw the first key frames, we knew we had an asset which was both distinctive and unmistakably us. From that point on, it was a co-operative process, with both Neptik and us throwing thoughts into the ring. And in a matter of only a few weeks, we were there.”

“And we could not be more pleased with the finished result.”

Chris Jones

McKenna Jones | Co founder, Director


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