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Brighton's fastest and most secure wireless internet service provider.

The Client

Metranet supplies high-bandwidth, superfast broadband and wireless to a range of businesses in Brighton, offering tailored broadband setups for Brighton’s growing digital economy. Alongside this, Metranet also offers internal office systems setup, providing Brighton businesses with robust IT infrastructures which are built to last.

The need for fibre-optic quality bandwidth in the digital industry is high, but an issue with BT and Virgin not being able to install fibre links to a number of offices in the Brighton city centre has made Metranet’s services highly valuable. Having seen the work we’d done for local brands, Metranet chose Neptik’s digital services.

What we did

We designed a homepage using the client’s existing ‘skyline’ illustration of Brighton, and added the wireless beacon icon to represent Metranet delivering wireless throughout Brighton. This simple visual, combined with engaging and informative homepage content, would help users understand Metranet’s brand right away.

They wanted to keep the website simple to navigate, as well as keeping content and page structure to a minimum so that visitors could quickly understand the business, the services on offer, relevant contact information, and a selection of fantastic case studies from some of the UK’s leading digital agencies prominently displayed.

To compliment this, Metranet wanted a blog area which we strategically placed in the about section; we felt directing users to this part of the site would be more valuable than creating a separate blog page.

From our brief, we built a selection of bespoke web design templates on a WordPress platform. These were built to be fully responsive across all devices including mobile and tablet. We also provided training for WordPress management to Metranet, to ensure our client could get the most value from it. This made Metranet very happy as they now possessed the knowledge to independently manage and update any new web content.

The icing on the cake was a logo design refresh. We took inspiration from the existing Metranet logo and changed the font layout to give it a more modern, appealing look, which we felt would ultimately perpetuate Metranet’s image as a cutting edge Brighton business.