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The Client

Tried and tested since 2002, Mooncup has become the global leading producer of reusable menstrual cups.

Now available throughout the world online, through major stores such as Boots and via their ever expanding affiliate program, Mooncup have built an enormous reputation on the back of their intuitive products.

The Brief

With the menstrual cup market expanding greatly, especially online, Mooncup needed a website design which would maintain its position as a market leader whilst conveying trust and quality to potential new customers. The website would need to be distinctive enough to differentiate the brand from competitors whilst clearly conveying Mooncup’s key messages and product benefits.

The ultimate goal would be to increase Mooncup’s global presence, thus increasing online sales and raising brand awareness in a variety of key markets. In local markets, the final web design and user experience provided for Mooncup by Neptik would encourage a mix of potential customers visiting local retailers, as well as raising direct sales from the Mooncup website.

User Experience

As with all web design projects, we carefully scrutinised the existing build and kicked-off our work with a full site structure review. This would give us a greater understanding of the site’s current conversion path and, more importantly, which factors may be hampering this important user journey.

Following extensive research of the online shopping process within this market, we moved forward in creating a more user friendly site structure. We started by site mapping and creating a hierarchal list of pages on the website which would not only be accessible to users, but also easy for search engines to crawl and rank. Lastly, we created easy-to-read wireframes that served as an effective visual guide to how our new web design could be brought to life.

 Website Design

After creating a robust wireframe and structure for the site, we got to work building the bespoke web template that would comprise the design of the updated Mooncup website. As a Neptik standard, the website was fully responsive so suitable for all devices.

The final website design would be clean, crisp, and carry a sense of clear authority which would help customers place trust in Mooncup. The new design itself was tailored to appeal to a much wider audience, crucially highlighting that all types of women can benefit from the product Mooncup is offering. Along with the redesign, Neptik created several marketing and graphical assets that could be utilised for Mooncup’s new website.

Other assets included bespoke graphic design, illustrations and iconography design to elevate Mooncup’s digital branding, making it much more memorable and unique. We also created email marketing templates which contained all important graphical and content elements, ensuring they could be used repeatedly.



With the website design being completely fresh, we wanted to take advantage and create photography for the website that brought the Mooncup message into every day healthy lifestyle situations, whilst also complimenting the new theme of the site. We completed photo shoots with our close colleagues and good friends at 7two9 Photography; a duo of Brighton based Swedish photographers.


Project Management

As standard with every Neptik project, we provided project management services and got heavily involved in the development and management of the website on a consultative basis. We helped create a project schedule defining a timeline for the work, as well as appropriately delegating tasks, setting up regular meetings between key departments and updating Mooncup with weekly work reports and measurements of overall progress.

Website development

We developed the website via WooCommerce, a flexible WordPress eCommerce development solution which we felt was perfect for Mooncup’s requirements, espically with there only being one product, available in just two sizes. Mooncup was aiming to take the brand global, so we got to work creating a series of multinational websites that could be managed easily through an interconnected Customer Management System (CMS). This also included a backend login area which would allow administrators to manage these various accounts. Regardless of country, customers can place an order with far greater ease thanks to multi-country online end-user purchasing.

A trade login area was also created to allow distributors to manage orders and make payments quicker. Clients can also submit requests to be distributors and search for other distributors across the country, as well as create custom areas with dedicated URL’s and templates for their own website. These eCommerce platforms also offer customers a variety of designs for multiple markets and languages.

As experts in API system integrations, we had no problem linking the Mooncup ecommerce shop with Sage accounting software, as well as further integration with Mailchimp and promotional code functionality.