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The Client

Nimbox started in a shared office in Leeds when co-founders Tom, Richard and John began working together to design and develop a system with total web security at its core.

A special double encryption system sets them apart from their competitors, and they now work with thousands of people worldwide, including organisations such as banks, law firms and government departments.

The Brief

Nimbox had a brand identity and a web presence, but it was created by and directed at ‘highly technically minded people’, making a wider audience reach more difficult. It was incredibly informative and professional. However, it wasn’t easy for all consumers to understand, and it didn’t effectively promote the benefits of their product, either from a security or commercial perspective.

Our job was to create a new platform that enabled people to understand the product with greater ease, recognise its benefits and realise its financial validity at a glance and ultimately sign up for the free trial.

Website Design

The strapline ‘We are Nimbox, and we believe that privacy is a basic human right’ is very clear. However, working collaboratively with Nimbox in the planning stages helped us to develop a much better understanding of their vision and key objectives for what our bespoke web design would look like.

When it came to content, it was crucial we conveyed the scope of the packages without a case of ‘information-overload’ for the customer. We created a simple, colour coded table comparing the functionality of Nimbox and its three main competitors, showing users at a glance which package would be best suited to their needs. This ultimately made the process easier for first-time buyers.

Nimbox were especially keen to promote the free trial of the product to new potential customers, so we used eye-catching, colourful calls-to-action positioned on relevant pages throughout the site.

Website Development

Customer experience and usability was central to all of the functions delivered. This included devising a solution for an online chat function, which has proven to be very popular with visitors. As with all our websites, there’s a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) as well as integration of all social networks. The website is also fully responsive across all devices.


To help transform the technical information into consumer friendly content, we used animation to break down the benefits and make them clearer to the user.

Content Generation

We generated tailored website content that communicated the business’ digital branding and product features effectively, but in an understandable and user-friendly way.

Powerful and evocative language was applied to reach out to the customer and reinforce the importance of online security and how Nimbox uniquely secures and encrypts data, putting emphasis on this unique selling point

“We’re developers, but Neptik showed us the light when we contracted them as digital consultants to manage and deliver our new website”
Tom Chappelow / Operations Director