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Quest Adventure

A friendly specialist cycling shop based in Sussex.

The Client

Quest Adventure is passionate about providing the inspiration, motivation and equipment for those seeking the benefits of an active lifestyle through cycling and similar pursuits.

Quest Adventure specialises in providing equipment for Brighton, Worthing, Horsham and Chichester riders, but also extends to other parts of Sussex.

The Brief

Quest Adventure were looking to change all backend systems, including accounting, ordering, inventory and point-of-sale, and migrate them into a single ‘all singing and dancing’ management system. The system itself was to be built by evopos.com, which is used very commonly by the bicycle retail industry.

The task was to design and build a new eCommerce website that fully integrated with Quest Adventure’s new management system, so that the eCommerce side of the business was fully managed via the EVOPOS monitor interface. Equally as important was ensuring all backend systems and API’s could be easily transferred, accessed and managed internally from the new website.

Magento Web Development

Research told us there was an API for Magento, but not WordPress. This was no problem, as we can develop both. After simulating the concept to Quest Adventures, they agreed to proceed with our designs. This reduced recapturing on more than one system and generated multiple layers of automated processes that were manual before, which further streamlined the interaction between the two fully integrated systems.

User Experience

In a competitive market, we wanted to create a user experience design that instilled confidence in the buyer, making it much easier for them to find the product or information they were seeking, and ultimately feel confident enough to make the purchase. We also wanted to ensure the customer is able to view other products along the way, creating opportunities for upsell and cross-sell initiatives.

API Integration

Our experience of API integration helped us to get to grips with EVOPOS quickly. We wanted to make sure every aspect of Quest Adventure’s backend system, as well as the website itself, would be fully compatible with the updated build. We successfully delivered a fully functioning eCommerce site, compatible and integrated with their other systems.

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