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Reflex Planning

A software company for automation, planning and forecasting.

The client

Reflex Planning is a software development company, designing solutions for operational optimisation within various industries. These services include process automation, financial planning, inventory management and supply chain planning.

Rapid changes in technologies are making traditional markets much more competitive. As such, many businesses have turned to Reflex Planning’s 16 years of software development experience to create further opportunities for growth, reduce average yearly expenditure, and get ahead in their respective field.

The Brief

Conveying the various solutions and their value to specific audiences was a large part of the Reflex Planning brief. Not only would this need to be achieved via web design, but also by designing a new version of their logo and a brand refresh.

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Logo & brand

We wanted to work closely with Reflex Planning to ensure their new logo design did not stray too far from the original concept. This would help represent the progression of the business and brand itself, showing an evolution whilst maintaining elements from their original design.

We used this information to create two initial concepts for the new Reflex Planning logo, and further refined them until we settled on the finished article. The logo included a neat and professional typography, as well as an emblem which clearly set out a colour scheme for the brand; this colour palette was closely followed for our subsequent web design work.

Website Design

We knew exactly what Reflex Planning wanted to say with their website design, but the bigger challenge was how to ensure the homepage could speak to and engage with a wide variety of customers from differing industries.

From a user experience design perspective, we decided that clients logos and case studies should be prominently displayed on the homepage, organised to show that the limitations of industry or niche markets do not apply to Reflex Planning projects. We believed this would be the best way to highlight to potential customers the experience which Reflex Planning has of various modern markets.

Website Development

With our web design objectives established and put into process, we moved into the web development phase of the project, ultimately aiming to improve the overall function of the website and incorporate features which would further establish Reflex Planning’s status as industry leaders.

We believe good website should flow well, assisting the user journey to the desired conversion point with ease. From our previous website audit, and in collaboration with Reflex Planning, we established solid calls-to-action across the site which would help funnel users to the desired destination. We further improved the user journey via internal linking of relevant pages on the website; this helped us target specific customers from particular industries and tailor a user journey which would most likely answer their questions and meet their requirements.

As a Neptik standard, the website was built to be fully responsive and optimised for all screen sizes, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.