Sash Window Restorations

Craftsmanship excellence | Restoration and joinery of authentic sash windows.

The client

Sash Window Restoration was incorporated in 2011 by Nathan Diver at the age of 23. Before then he’d trained as a joiner, a lifelong passion of his. That initially took him down the route of furniture making and later led him into working with sash windows.

When he set up on his own it was evenings and weekends. Now, six years on Sash Window Restorations has become a thriving business in Brighton and Hove, employing over twenty people, with their service depot in the city and manufacturing in rural Sussex. 

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The brief

When we first met Nathan we all clicked. We loved the idea of working with them. The brief was:

“We love what we do, we’ve invested everything to give our customers the best and whilst we are growing we want to improve on that. We’ve decided to replicate what we deliver face to face and over the phone, with a better online relationship with our customers and we’re looking for a partner to deliver it with us.”

That’s our kind of language. There was a clear message to engage people, a style to portray.

With their business experiencing the success and ROI they anticipated to achieve we decided to put an end-to-end branding and web proposal on the table, that would continue to evolve and deliver ongoing results. They didn’t have a marketing team, but all the potential with one behind them and they agreed to work with us.

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Here’s what we did


Several of us spent days with their team, in all parts of their operations. We needed to understand all their values, even the ones they didn’t know they had. We knew they were busy so we completed this when shooting the photography, film and interviews, filling our bags with ideas for the next stage of the project.

The story

After spending time with Nathan and the team you get to know all their stories. What they like about the job, what they had for breakfast. You see them critiquing each other, but then lending a hand to achieve perfection. When you mix that stuff up you get an idea for the kind of people that work there and why they do. And it’s true, every business is its people and it’s the story of the people at Sash Window Restorations that gave us the assets and ideas to deliver the project as we did.

Content and tone of voice

We researched the style of buildings that have sash windows and the typical demographics of the residents, particularly in the Brighton and Hove heritage locations. Our findings showed that regardless of demographic, people that own period properties in the South East generally take pride in them and their windows. Not just an installation service though, they’d prefer a relationship, with support to manage the upkeep of their windows, not just someone they found on checkatrade.


This was the opportunity we wanted, so that we could show people the whole process that goes into what they do. We wanted to capture the team in motion, before they go to install the windows, cleaning out their dust cloths ‘off-site’. When they are moulding frames, cutting timber and treating windows. We completed several shoots throughout the project and each time got something that was special and differentiated them.


The film was a production of ‘a day in the life of’ Sash Window restorations. We wanted to show customers all the how they work, their values and a true representation of the scope of their operation and thus how they differentiate themselves from the competition.

We started the day off at their installation depot in the early hours, where we shot how the crews meet up in the morning with their vans, responsibly clear the waste from the previous day, shake out their dust sheets for the day ahead. Then, run through all the projects for scheduled, collect their allocated materials and prepare the vans before setting off to do the jobs. We followed different teams, filming them repairing windows, installing them, before visiting their manufacturing facility to capture how their joinery, spray painting and glazing supports the rest of the business. We shot a genuine survey being completed and filmed an interview with Nathan their MD, about the history and aspirations of SWR. We shot the film at the early stages of the project to immerse ourselves in their culture, how they understand their product and serve their market. We do this to unravel the brand they already have, that they don’t know.


Doing a full branding overhaul meant we could leave the logo to the end and truly let our research and development do the talking. We understood the audience, how the client wanted to be perceived, their competition. We had designed the brand guidelines with fonts and colours that filtered straight into the logo and we created an icon/emblem that could be applied to various mediums, either with or without the company name.


Before we embarked on any website design we spent a considerable time developing the brand and the assets to convey its message. Once we had this, it was applied carefully to our UX strategy and created copy that was optimised for search, that could be built upon.

We continue to work with SWR as their digital marketing agency to their online presence and customer engagement as they grow. The partnership we have forged with them allows us to work in an agile way that means we’re constantly monitoring and evolving the work we do with them.   

Client Testimonial

“Working with the team at Neptik has been great from start to finish. The whole team is energetic and full of great ideas, building a website from scratch so it’s tailor-made to our needs as well as our customers, has proven to be a sound investment. The customer care is second to none and the enthusiasm from the whole team to produce something that stands out from the crowd is something quite special.

We look forward to continue working with Neptik and the rest of the team and would gladly advise anyone shopping around in the market to give them a call, you won’t be disappointed.”