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The Chimney House

The Client

Located just a short walk from Seven Dials in Brighton, The Chimney House are renown for their friendly atmosphere, amazing food and vibrant interiors. All their produce is locally sourced and they serve a range of local beers and ales at the bar to accommodate all.

The Brief

The Chimney House were after a brand refresh. They wanted to seek out a Brighton web agency that had previously carried out restaurant web designs like Silo and Kooks so we were really excited to work alongside such an established Brighton eatery.

They wanted a new logo and new branding to accurately represent the personality of the pub and restaurant that could be utilised over all their menus, receipts, signage and social media.

Website Design & Development

We love developing minimalist web designs, and so when Chimney House asked for a simple, sleek site, we knew we could deliver something classy, clean and representative of the brand. We decided on an image rich site, with minimal text and strong bold fonts to counter balance the soft tones within their photography. We added smoke detail in the top banner to set an atmospheric feel to the site and reflect the name of the brand.

Adding a booking system meant The Chimney House could manage their back-end efficiently and easily and allowed for paperless reservations. With their everyday-changing menus, we wanted to include buttons that allowed the viewer to see what was available on the menu that day, without the need for a phone call, and even included their children’s menu, bar snack menu, and special occasion menu.


Our in-house photographer was lucky enough to spend the day at The Chimney House with the chefs and kitchen staff to really get a feel for their personality, and ultimately gather all visuals to be used on the site. The result is beautiful, warming photography that we think really accurately portrays the quality and pride they take in their food and surroundings.

Logo and branding

We opted for a bold and structured logo to counterbalance the softness of the photography. Sticking to three colours: charcoal, tan and black meant the viewers can be drawn into the stunning imagery and it could mirror the bold interiors of the establishment itself. Small icons, textured detail and sleek buttons give a personal touch and make the site extremely aesthetically pleasing and the user-experience natural and enjoyable.

Working with Chimney House has been such a rewarding experience. It has allowed us to really showcase our ability to translate the personality of a brand onto a blank canvas, and feel like this is one of our best restaurant websites to date.

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