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A unique 'pre-industrial' dining experience

The Client

A self-professed ‘pre-industrial food system’ by Douglas McMaster, Silo is committed to providing ingredients with a focus on simplicity, forgoing typical methods of food processing to present a dish in its purest and most wholesome form.

All forms of food preparation and consumption at Silo are carried out with waste management in mind. Silo trades directly with farmers, source local waste-free, non-processed products to eliminate long travel, and even have their very own composting machine on site, which turns scraps into fertile soil and closes the loop on its food production cycle.

This unique approach took Silo from strength to strength; eventually they grew out of their existing website and required a refresh approach to convey their message and make the entire business more functional.

The Brief

We were very excited to work with Silo, a food brand with a unique and commendable mission to close the loop on food waste. We know that we wanted to develop a website that would highlight values that Silo has built its business on.

Alongside this, it was also very important that the selection of food on offer from Silo be showcased equally on the website, to avoid it being missed or ignored alongside the strident zero waste ethos. We wanted to work hard to present both side-by-side.

Beyond defining these food branding and design aspects of the website, we also wanted to improve its functionality to help Silo interact with and serve their customers with greater ease.

The Result

We were very keen on Silo’s existing visual identity, but also felt there were aspects that could be refined. We began by tinkering obsessively with the logo, ensuring the dimensions were balanced.

We also created corporate guidelines for the brand, message, and tone of voice for the company, which would help establish Silo’s continued interaction with its audiences and customers for years to come.

The website itself underwent an entirely fresh user experience focused design, making it easier for users to browse the site and find relevant information. The new look of the website also included a range of new graphics and illustrations to help convey the products and message of Silo with more simplicity.

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“Neptik cleanly extracted the Silo DNA and grew the website into what immediately felt true to my vision. Like Silo there is an attention to detail that takes a great idea to the next level.”

Douglas McMaster – Silo Co-founder & Head Chef