Colour Is Sound

British designed and manufactured. Retailed globally, renowned fanatically.

The Client

Colour Is Sound create original T-shirt art and prints inspired by some of the most influential music ever made. Following their passion for the culture behind some of their favourite bands, they’ve created collections of art rooted designs that symbolise not just bands, but eras of magnitude. Designs that mean something.

The Brief

We want one of the best Shopify sites ever, but we want it designed from scratch, no templates (The only way at Neptik) and we want it to be bright, bold, super slick, just like Colour Is Sound’s T-shirts. In essence, they had been trading for some time and wanted to cultivate that success with a Shopify site for its backend eCommerce website functionality, but with a Shopify web design that wasn’t out of the box, they wanted a theme designed from scratch, 100% unique to them.

Website Development

Building an e-commerce Shopify platform allowed us to develop a powerful e-commerce site for the client to sell his music inspired T-shirts. Having so far handled $24bn in sales online, we knew that Shopify stores had as much credibility as WooCommerce in terms of stability and support. The dashboard is intuitive and well thought out, allowing the client full control over their inventory, shipping and customers, whilst also offering powerful marketing integrations. Our team really enjoy Shopify web development, as the system allows them the access to build truly bespoke designs that fitted perfectly with the branding. Shopify’s tools also allowed us to make quick revisions and updates to the site without downtime.

Shopify Web Design

This wasn’t your typical retail web design project, or Shopify design for that matter. We wanted the design to look as minimal and unique as possible. For the colour pallet, we took inspiration from the T-shirt’s colours – bright, solid and bold. This paved the way for a really clean, yet impactful design, complimented with simple Sans serif fonts and crisp lines. Artwork was tailored by us to fit the site well and the designs we’re specifically created for all devices, a Neptik Standard.

Working with Colour Is Sound allowed us to show another side of Neptik and showcase not only our fashion website design skills, but also what we can do with the Shopify content management system.