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Colour is Sound

Art and T-Shirts inspired by music & created in Brighton since 2015.

The Client

Colour is Sound create original T-shirt art and prints inspired by some of the most influential music ever made. Following their passion for the culture behind some of their favourite bands, they’ve created collections of art rooted designs that symbolise not just bands, but eras of magnitude.

The Brief

Colour is Sound needed an e-commerce platform that would help streamline their business, getting out of the way and making management of stock, deliveries and customers a breeze. With that in mind, we steered them in the direction of Shopify, which has an easy to use backend system.

We worked with the client to establish a design direction that would be bold, slick and colourful. Much of the look of the site would be provided by the t-shirts themselves, with product photography being the start of the show.

The Result

Fully-responsive, visually enchanting and fast, the website is a fantastic showcase for the products on sale. The Shopify backend allows the client complete control over products, stock and shipping, whilst powerful third-party provide additional marketing functionality that improve sales and customer service.

Since launch, the business has continue to grow and new lines of stock have been added to the site.

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