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Wild Philanthropy

A charity that invests in Africa, it’s people, wildlife and wilderness.

The Client

Wild Philanthropy is a charity setup in conjunction with luxury travel company, Journeys By Design. They work in multiple ways to identify and introduce different ways of investing into Africa and it’s future.

The Brief

Having worked with Journeys By Design on designing and developing their new WordPress website we were asked to come up with some creative options to producing a new website for their Charity Wild Philanthropy.

Having invested heavily on the original Journeys By Design site the client was seeking a less expensive option and wanted to use use the WordPress module development work we had already done to reduce the cost of the new charity website.

With all of the branding assets available we proposed replicating their original website module system with a design re-skin and a new sitemap.

What we did

Usually when we approach a new website project, we work with clients creatively and develop bespoke tailored interface designs that we can then develop into a new site, app or piece software. However, having worked so heavily with the client on their commercial website, we wanted to help them use all that investment to create something new that would now also serve their charity well.

Having built the client’s commercial website from scratch, we knew it inside out. It was our code, so there was no risk of us not understanding the build. This enabled us to replicate the original site and then strip back all of the design.

From this we were able to apply Wild Philanthropy branding, redesign the layout and using our WordPress module system, create a new sitemap and page designs.

The finished result was a completely unique charity website that was fresh, relevant to the cause and as it was built using the same framework as their commercial website, a breeze for their internal marketing team to manage and maintain.

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“They wanted to produce something great, there was no question. But they wanted to make it work within our budget without compromising quality and that was what caught my attention – These guys keep things in perspective and make it work for you.”

Paul Herbertson | Conservation Enterprise Director