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A family run fish restaurant with over 25 years’ experience catering for the food savvy residents of Brighton and Hove.

The Client

Great produce, sustainability and supporting other local businesses are embedded into Wolfie’s ethos. You really can taste the difference. Their immediate popularity led to later openings and Sunday service, with an ever increasing following on social media.

The Brief

With over 382 million portions of Fish & Chips sold in the UK each year, it’s a certified big business, particularly in a seaside town. However, with so much competition, it can be tricky to stand out from the crowd, but this was never a problem for Wolfies.

Being the only chip shop in town offering a gluten free batter option on all their fish, this immediately put them ahead of the curve, especially helpful in a city like Brighton. Along with their slick branding, desirable premises, and the fact that they’re the only place in the area selling proper London-style pie mash & liquor – it was a recipe for success.

We were keen to keep the site design clean, and crisp with an emphasis on beautiful photography of the food, styled on a rustic wooden background to replicate the theme in the shop itself.  We also used the same black & white colour scheme, as well as the fonts from current signage, to maintain seamless consistency from offline through to online.

Website Design

As big fans of Wolfies existing digital branding, we were incredibly excited to be involved in creating them a site which took advantage of this and their current interior theme.

As the only Fish & Chip shop in Brighton offering gluten free batter, as well as an adapted menu for people with other food sensitivities, it was important that this was given equal billing to the rest of the food, as well as the family and local, sustainable values.

Bespoke imagery of each menu item was styled by Neptik to showcase Wolfie’s food at its finest and to make the process of ordering online as appealing as possible. The customer experience and usability were central to every phase of the design process.

Website Development

In order for the team at Wolfie’s to maintain and update the website independently, a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) was always going to be a must. We created an attractive online shop and delivered a bespoke ‘click and collect service’, both of which are fully responsive for all devices.

Photography & Food Styling

We spent a day at Wolfie’s shooting gorgeous photography to reflect the high quality and love that goes into every dish. It was a good day.